As summer unfolds, it is the perfect time to explore the beauty and innovation of Scandinavian architecture. We are proud to present a selection of projects that not only showcase our commitment to design and sustainability but also provide unique experiences for you and your family to enjoy. Here are some of our highlighted projects, perfect for your summer adventure.

Poster: Explore Our Architectural Gems

To help you discover our unique places and to inspire, let this map be your essential companion.

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Explore Lapland and Västerbotten

Kiruna and the Midnight Sun

Explore the midnight sun in Kiruna! Kiruna and Lapland are known for our midnight sun. For 47 days the sun does not set below the horizon. Kiruna is very dear to us. In one of the largest urban transformations of our time, the Arctic city of Kiruna has to move. Land deformation from iron ore extraction on the city’s western border will gradually subsume the centre. But how do you move a city, while preserving its character and collective memory?

Culture and Creativity at Sara Cultural Centre in Skellefteå

Housing venues for arts, performance and literature as well as a hotel, Sara Cultural Centre is one of the world’s tallest timber buildings to date. Located just below the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Skellefteå has a long tradition of timber building and the raw material of the building is sourced from forests in the region.

Väven – A Cultural Arena in Umeå, by Umeå

With its prime location on the banks of the River Ume, Väven embodies a cross-boundary cultural arena that brings together a range of disciplines in a cluster of flexible spaces. Designed in mutual collaboration with Snøhetta, the building is as a testament to culture-led, sustainable urban regeneration.

Explore Ångermanland and Dalarna

The High Coast – Established 10,000 Years Ago

In the shadow of the mighty Skuleberget lies a remarkable building inspired by the surrounding nature. Höga Kusten Visitor Centre is the result of ‘geological surgery’ – a precise cut straight into the ancient mountain.

Scenic Mountains and Waterfalls at Fulufjället

Fulufjället Visitor Centre in western Dalarna serves as an inspiring gateway and educational guide to majestic landscapes and wilderness. The building is subtly nestled in the Fulufjället National Park, famous for Sweden’s highest waterfall, ancient forests and ravines. It is a humble building in a dramatic setting.

Hamra National Park and the Crown Jewels

Hamra National Park was the site of a special pilot to test an award-winning visual identity concept, intended for implementation across all Swedish National Parks. The goal was to encourage more people to experience the beauty of national parkland, while taking ownership of these national treasures.

Explore Uppsala and Sigtuna

Kickflip on Uppsala’s 65 meter Long Sofa

Forumtorget is one of Uppsala’s most important central squares; an open breathing space within the built-up business district. The Square is a generous new public plaza with a dramatic 65 metre stretch of seating that delights, entertains and provides a moment of rest as the main focal point.

Stillness by the Stormwater Pond

As our cities expand, so does the need to clean the dirty water from them and protect them from flooding. The new stormwater pond at Exercisfältet in Uppsala solves both problems, while contributing to biodiversity and creating a place where people can socialize and go for a stroll.

The Greenery in Sweden's First City, Sigtuna

Hamnplan is situated in a beautiful southern location on the shore of Lake Mälaren in Sigtuna. The site has been transformed from a large gravel car park into a welcoming meeting place with new social furniture, lush greenery and a paving of natural stone and concrete that carefully weaves the site together.

Explore Stockholm

Yasuragi Spa and Shinrin-yoku

Yasuragi Spa Hotel is an extension to an iconic 70’s building, originally designed by Japanese architect Yoji Kasajima. The design harmonises an unusual elixir of Japanese-Swedish traditions and Scandinavian architecture to create an environment that awakens all the senses.

Cirkus – Skandia Stage: Home of Mamma Mia (among others)

On Djurgården in Stockholm, Cirkus’ historic premises have been given a modern addition. The Skandia Stage is a carefully designed extension with an independent expression. A stage of its time.

Vattentorget, Slussen – Your Front-Row View of Stockholm

Vattentorget is a unique place that forms the heart of the new Slussen. Strategically located on the estuary between Lake Mälaren and Saltsjön, we have created a new vibrant meeting place where visitors can enjoy a front-row view of the water and the Stockholm skyline.

Pop into the Mediterranean Museum's Levantis Gallery

Did you know that Icona Pop shot the video for their song “Feels in My Body” at the Mediterranean Museum’s Cyprus exhibition? This exhibition showcases the rich history of Cyprus from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire. The location was part of our re-design project at the museum, where we also created the scenography. Visit and enjoy this captivating blend of history and modern creativity!

Tele2 Arena – Home of Stockholm's finest!

Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. Since the opening in 2013, there have been around 600 events and almost 8 million visitors. In total, almost 40,000 hours of football have been played at Tele2, the home of Hammarby and Djurgården. A modern arena for an intense experience.

Chill Out in the Trendy District of Nobelberget

Nobelberget in Sickla is buzzing with life and creativity. What was once an office and industrial area is now a dynamic new neighbourhood. Housing, a preschool, and cultural facilities are undergoing a transformation that connects Nacka to Stockholm. Previously closed areas are being opened up, creating vibrant new neighbourhoods and community spaces.

Explore Örebro and Tiveden

Baronbackarna – Come Play in Our Yard

White’s very first project, Baronbackarna in Örebro, was the result of a competition we won in 1950. The young architects Sidney White and Per-Axel Ekholm triumphed with their proposal, “You Can Play in Our Yard”. Their design focused on social engagement in everyday life and the belief that the world can be changed!

Örebro Concert Hall: Feel the Music

World-class acoustics and a grand entrance worthy of the original building. When Örebro Concert Hall was rebuilt, the focus was on contemporary design and the audience. Home of the world-renowned Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

Tiveden National Park – Shaped by the Ice Sheet

In one of the most inaccessible parts of the Swedish wilderness lies Tiveden National Park. Designing the park’s expansion and three new entrances in a place where barely a foot has tread is a delicate task. Combining a variety of natural habitats, these gateways gently guide visitors into untouched nature, with minimal impact.

Explore the area around Linköping

Lindeborgs Eco Retreat

Lindeborgs Eco Retreat is a climate-positive hotel, conference and retreat with innovative agriculture, vegetable cultivation, beekeeping, meadows, biochar production and a biological water purification system. At the centre is Ekoladan (the Eco-barn) located, which has been redesigned and renovated with sustainable and natural materials.

Tinnerö – Entrance building and Insect Hotel

Just outside Linköping you’ll find Tinnerö, one of Sweden’s most species-rich nature reserves. In the midst of this teeming life, at the intersection of oak and lake landscapes, we have now completed what is probably Scandinavia’s largest insect hotel.

Sea Eagles at Stångåmynningen in Linköping

A brand-new warming hut, birdwatching tower, and pier are now ready to welcome curious visitors who want to experience the rich wildlife, including Goosanders and Sea Eagles, at the Stångåmynningen by Lake Roxen.

Explore Gothenburg and its surroundings, and why not take a detour to Norway while in the neighbourhood?

Feskekôrka: An Iconic Fish Market

Gothenburg’s beloved Feskekôrka, the iconic fish market, has finally reopened its doors after a meticulous four-year restoration, just in time for its momentous 150th anniversary in 2024. Nestled under the warming sun, the historic building now invites visitors and passers-by alike to revel in the sights, sounds, smells and, of course, the delicious tastes of West Swedish seafood. The transformation promises not only a rejuvenated architectural gem, but also a vibrant centre where the essence of the region’s seafood industry can be savoured and celebrated anew.

Enjoy a Moment of Tranquillity at Brunnsparken

The redesign of Brunnsparken integrates Gothenburg’s essence into every detail. Community input has shaped its new character, ensuring authenticity for locals and travelers. Preserved historic footpaths connect to the past, while new safety-enhancing lighting fosters a welcoming atmosphere day and night. Lush greenery enhances the space, promoting well-being and inviting visitors to enjoy tranquility amidst the bustling city.

Vänerskärgården Visitor Centre – Victoriahuset

Naturum Vänerskärgården – Victoriahuset is a visitor centre that was built to remind people of the riches of Europe’s largest freshwater archipelago. Across the bay shines the baroque grandeur of Läckö Castle, attracting a large number of visitors every year.

Naturum Kosterhavet – Sweden’s first marine reserve

Naturum Kosterhavet is a contemporary reinvention of the marine vernacular; a visitor centre where guests can study sealife up-close in the aquarium, or use as a base to explore the beaches and snorkel amidst Sweden’s only coral reef. Kosterhavet National Park was inaugurated in 2009 as Sweden’s first marine reserve.

Bølgen Bath & Leisure Centre

Bølgen Bath & Leisure centre is an investment in the health and well-being of the residents of Frogn municipality in Norway. The sports and aquatic centre is open to all residents and creates an important hub linking professional, amateur and recreational sporting activities in the district.

Bergen Bystrand and a New Lungegårdsparken

Bergen’s future city beach and park at Store Lungegårdsvann is set to become the city’s premier landmark, spanning nearly one kilometer. This innovative space promises residents a year-round experience of water and nature’s changing beauty over the next century. Designed as a hub where people, nature, animals, and water harmoniously coexist, it embodies a sustainable urban environment of spectacular proportions.

Explore Halland, Småland and set sail for London if you got a few more days to spend!

Tylösand Life Guard Tower

Hopefully you don’t need them this summer. But if you do, they will be there fore you! The lifeguard tower at Tylösand is an aesthetic landmark project focused on something as crucial as public safety. Situated at an impressive angle of 67 degrees and standing eleven metres tall, the lifeguard tower at Tylösand beach is the embodiment of vigilance, ever alert, ready to leap into action.

Halland Art Museum

Halland Art Museum – Halmstad’s regional centre for visual culture – is located on the banks of the Nissan River. In its new form, the museum and the surrounding outdoor environment will be an obvious and accessible visitor and meeting place with a focus on art and culture for all ages. A place where creativity and nature become a given element of everyday life.

Spin around the Kärven Bird Observation Tower

In the Getterön nature reserve north of Varberg, sea and land meet in a teeming wetland with a rich bird life. The Kärven bird observation tower is a three-dimensional puzzle that enhances the value of the site and creates a stimulating environment for curious visitors.

Summer strength with Eleiko

For more than 50 years, Eleiko in Halmstad has been manufacturing equipment for professional weightlifting. As a result, over 1000 world records have been set using Eleiko barbells.

Discover the secrets of the wet marshlands at Store Mosse

Naturum Store Mosse is a visitor centre that transports guests into the heart of folklore, while recanting the tale of the region’s 14,000 year history; from Ice Age to present day.

White Arkitekter's London office

Even though Sweden practically shuts down during summer, our friends in London don’t. Re-use in focus in our new London office so just pop in for a coffee and have a word, or exchange ideas with our British colleagues.

Explore Malmö and Copenhagen

Malmö City Theater – Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is Malmö City Theatre’s main stage. Originally built as a circus building at the end of the 19th century, the building is now ready after extensive renovation – a warm and more accessible meeting place ready to open up to city life and a wider audience. The renovation has fused new architectural expressions with historical elements from the original circus venue.

Enjoy Cool Interior and Drinks at Krøl

If you are in Malmö, Sweden – why not stop by the newly opened bar at Möllan? KRØL is named after the musician and graphic designer Mike Krol and in collaboration with him and inspired by his album covers, we have designed the interior of the bar and its lush outdoor area. The ambition was to create a Scandinavian diner with the spirit of the musician and a sense of 60s fashion and mod culture in combination with Scandinavian design – different and colorful, playful and timeless.

Kastrup Sea Bath: Embracing the Salty Magic

Kastrup Sea Bath is one of many architectural gems of København’s Ørestad region. Conceived as a fully-accessible outdoor swimming facility, Kastrup Sea Bath transformed an overlooked brownfield site into one of Denmark’s most enchanting, recognisable and popular leisure destinations.

Explore Skåne and Blekinge, plus a magical Danish island

Karlshamn Skinny Dipping

The tradition of visiting the kallbadhus – cold water bathhouse – runs deep in Nordic cultures. Karlshamns Kallbadhus offers a rare interpretation of the traditional kallbadhus experience, allowing every visitor to participate in this ritual of wellbeing, all year round.

Vattenriket and the Birds

This previous polluted and inaccessible area across the Helge River now hosts a new visitor centre that draws 80,000 visitors a year. Roam from the city into the wetlands, to bird-watch and explore the landscape from a variety of vertical perspectives.

Lingering Sunsets in Hasle, Bornholm

On the Danish island of Bornholm, the small port town of Hasle is renowned for its lingering sunsets. A social gathering point in the water, where people of all ages and abilities can bathe, relax and enjoy the spectacular sea views and sunsets.

Keep the summer vibes going with these five tips!

1. Discover hidden local gems (apart from our own, of course): Discover hidden parks, cafes or cultural spots in your city. Summer is the perfect time to find new favourites close to home.

2. Plan outdoor activities: From cycling and hiking trails to beach trips, organize adventures to soak up the sun and stay active.

3. Try seasonal foods: Indulge in fresh fruit, salads and barbecues. Summer’s bounty offers delicious and nutritious options.

4. Create a Biodiversity Patch in Your Garden: Transform a section of your garden into a wildlife haven: plant native flowers for bees and butterflies, set up a small pond for frogs and insects, and install bird feeders and houses.

5. Protect your skin and stay hydrated: Don’t forget your sunscreen! Shield your skin from UV rays with SPF, and keep a reusable water bottle handy to stay hydrated.

Have a great summer!