Bølgen Bath & Leisure Centre

Bølgen Bath & Leisure Centre is an investment in the health and wellbeing of the residents of Norway’s Frogn municipality. This new sports and aquatic centre is open to all residents and creates an important hub that links professional, amateur and leisure sporting activity in the district.

Wellbeing for all

Bølgen Bath & Leisure Centre is conceived as a swimming and fitness centre for the whole family. It is a place for exercise, leisure, education and therapy in a building that caters independently for all these activities, but works as a cohesive centre for wellbeing. Spaces have been organised so that visitors can socialise and easily navigate between the activities within, providing an area-effective, yet experience-intensive bath.

An investment in health and wellbeing, open and accessible to all.

Client: Frogn Municipality
Drøbak, Norway
Status: Completed 2019
Environmental certification: Breeam Very Good
Annette Larsen

Built on a forest slope overlooking the fjord, Bølgen Bath & Leisure Centre is situated close to the town centre, Drøbak School and Seiersten youth school. This offers the opportunity to share functions and activity programmes with the nearby Frognhallen and the Seiersten stadium.


Instead of a conventional static volume, the centre is divided into different levels which can be given different lighting, appearance, acoustic conditions and moods to separate each element from each other if needed. Low maintenance and environmentally conscious materials have been selected to heighten visitor experience, as well as to support public health.

The centre contains a main swimming pool with 1.3 to 5 metre diving boards alongside pools for training, therapy and children’s activities. Also included in the building is a spa, changing rooms, cafeteria, kitchen, shop and technical basement. In addition to this, a commercial hire fitness centre and office space occupies the levels above the pool, providing extra revenue for the municipality.

Contact & Team

Thomas Landenberg

Thomas Landenberg



+46 31 60 86 57

Agne Revellé Constructional Engineer
Claudia Laarmann Architect
David Saand Architect
Daniel Asp Architect
Erik Magnusson Architect
Jens Niehues Projekt Manager
Joel Hördin Landscape Architekt
Marcus Anderson Light Design
Mikaela Åström Forsgren Light Design
Rikard Sjöberg Visualisation
Johanna Bocian Östberg Architect
Nadja Lindhe Environmental Specialist
Borghild Holsvik Architect
Britta Wikholm Visualisation
Hanna Louhelainen
Laurence Antelme