Fulufjället Visitor Centre in Dalarna, Sweden

Fulufjället Visitor Centre in Dalarna, Sweden

Fulufjället Visitor Centre is the inspiring gateway and educational guide to the magnificent nature and wilderness of western Dalarna. The building is nestled in Fulufjället National Park, known for Sweden’s highest waterfalls, primeval forest and ravines. A humble building in a dramatic setting.

With the lens looking out over the marsh and mountains

Fulufjället’s scenic mountains and marshlands have provided the conditions for the expression of visitor centre as well as its construction technique. From a distance, the building is barely visible in the forest. Weathered and grey, the building is set into the undergrowth like a footpath.

Naturum Fulufjället serves as a gateway for visitors to the mighty national park of the same name. We were commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to create a beautiful building that would serve as an entrance and visitor centre.

We also had to determine the exact location of the nature centre in the Fulufjället National Park. The project also included landscaping and exhibitions inside the building.

Client: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Place: Särna, Sweden
Status: Completed 2003
Projektstart/end: 2001-2003
Awards:  The Wood Award 2003, nomination
Photo: Luc Pagès

The result is a weathered and grey building shaped like a pair of binoculars with the lens looking out over the marsh and mountains.

Local materials, cycles and seasons

Nature has been left as intact as possible. The vegetation removed from the new car park has been replaced with logs, anthills, rice and stones to repair worn areas.

The façade is made of untreated pine core wood, which will age naturally. The materials are local and renewable, with Älvdals Quartzite plinths, exposed sawn pine frames and wood wool elements for floor insulation. The materials were chosen with the aim of allowing the building to return to the natural cycle without leaving a trace.

Inside, there are beeswaxed birch plywood carpentry units and exhibitions where visitors can learn about the seasons, cloud types and when bears leave their dens.

Two temperature zones minimise the need for maintenance heating during the colder months. The exhibition in the outer zone is designed for limited heating in winter. The inner core contains staff accommodation, an art room and all the technology. At the top is an open shelf for work and storage.

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Jacob Melin

Jacob Melin


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