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White Play

We belive in working together! Through design, creativity and a humanistic approach, we look to solve great challenges. Because of that, we also belive in sharing what we do. Our knowledge, the lessons learned within each project and all the small things making our stories worth telling. Here you can find a selection of all the seminars, webinars, films about projects and our stories. Welcome to White Play!

Webinar – Destigmatising Mental Health Through Architecture

A digital roundtable on the subject of tackling stigma around mental health by rethinking the design and context of specialised facilities. For the ones who couldn’t attend, here you have the whole webinar to enjoy!

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Flickrum – Places for Girls

What can architecture offer those who experience exclusion?

Flickrum explores the urban realm from the perspective of a teenage girl.

Kastrup Sea Bath

Kastrup Sea Bath is one of many architectural gems of the Öresund Region and one of our most iconic buildings. We went back to the incredibly popular open-air pool, found in the Amager Muncipality outside Copenhagen, with Lead Architect Fredrik Pettersson to hear his thoughts on the project.

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Around the World

White Arkitekter, together with MMI Architects, won the international competition for an extension of the College of Insurance campus in Nairobi.

The new Leadership Centre in Nairobi, Kenya delivers a futuristic facility that aims to achieve the highest levels of sustainability in Central-East Africa.

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White Stories

“You find areas like this all over Sweden. It’s here, and in cultural institutions and at workplaces, where you find the identity of a place. It’s important to find out what a locations has to offer, before we start planning,” says urban planner and architect Karl Landin.

Our survey Stadsdelsatlas Sofielund shows how processes in urban development can become more inclusive and socially sustainable.

The present holds the key to the future – build upon existing values.

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Carbon Neutral Buildings according to White

The Swedish Building Industri aims to be carbon neutral by 2045. This means that we need to reduce emissions drastically and push for creating climate-neutral projects already. But what does that mean and how do you do it?

We have formulated what we think carbon-neutral construction is about, how to calculate and how we, together with other stakeholders, should work to get there. Our goal is that all projects should be carbon neutral by 2030. But we can’t do it on our own, we have to create them together!

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