For us, architecture is about creating long-term value. Buildings for different functions; environments where people can thrive; parks that leave space for nature and beauty that strengthens our identity. We are continuously developing our processes in order to benefit from the breadth of our network, and we approach our customers with forward-looking solutions. Leading change is not a responsibility that we take lightly. Enabling sustainable life through the art of Architecture.

Our expertise in Architecture


Democratic residential architecture. Where there is a place for everyone. When we design, we take a long-term approach. By listening. And see possibilities through the eyes of others.


When we design healthcare environments, we always put people first. Patients, staff, and relatives. Those who need help and those who are there to provide care. Even with the most complex processes, we find innovative solutions for flexible environments with a high sustainability profile.

Learning environments

Inspiring learning environments encourage creativity, collaboration and critical thought. Spaces are designed to adapt as pedagogical practices evolve; rethinking the traditional classroom to support different forms of learning.

Culture and nature

In its many forms, culture is a driver of innovation and positive social transformation; places that focus on culture have higher rates of growth and more inclusive attitudes.

Sports and wellbeing

Multi-arena or outdoor gym. We work with arenas in the broadest sense of the word, with a distinct focus on sports and activities. We create spaces that enhance the experience of being together and increase physical activities. Spaces that makes us feel good.


As flexible and remote working becomes as much the norm as traditional office hours, the contemporary workplace must adapt to these developments and become a universal meeting place.

Hotel and congress

In our busy society, hotels and congress centres are becoming an increasingly important location for people to work, meet and socialise. With the right design, these spaces can offer optimal conditions for effective and inspiring meetings.

Transformation and redevelopment

Society as a whole, and the construction industry in particular, faces the challenge of doing more with the Earth’s increasingly scarce resources. Transformation is about evolving rather than replacing, adding value to existing structures and materials. Buildings and environments, stories and memories.

Wooden buildings

Wood holds a special place in our hearts. It is our only large scale renewable and carbon neutral building material. In addition, wood promotes health and contributes to a healthy environment in which to live and work.

Cultural heritage environments

Working with Sweden’s cultural heritage requires a special eye. Cultural environment is a multifaceted term that connects both tradition, present and future where historical traces can be used as a driving force to create added value.