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We are an employee-owned architecture collective of about 700 employees, with presence in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Canada and East Africa. Please find our contact details below.


CEO Alexandra Hagen

Deputy CEO Carl Bäckstrand

Deputy CEO Gisela Carlén

Sustainability director Anna Graaf

Finance director Hans Alving

HR director Martin Morén

CIO Peter Leuchovius

Marketing director Jimmie Ahlgren

Office director Stockholm Martin Ehn Hillberg

Office director Gothenburg Jacob Sahlqvist

Office director Malmö Martin Sundberg

Office director Uppsala Magdalena Koistinen

Office director Halmstad Lotta Sundell

Office director Linköping Gith Thellsén

Office director Örebro Oskar Widlund

Office director Oslo Sofie Bentzen

Office director Umeå Jenny Pettersson

Office director Västerås Sofia Lewén



Liselotte Hjort, Chairman

Per Berggren
Karin Börjesson O’Connor

Alexandra Hagen

Krister Lindstedt

Martin Ehn-Hillberg
Cristiana Caira

Barbara Vogt

Viktor Stoltz, Employee representative

Rasmus Jørgensen, Employee representative

Rebecka Wijk, Deputy employee representative