Yasuragi Spa

Yasuragi Spa

Yasuragi Spa Hotel is an extension to an iconic 70’s building, originally designed by Japanese architect Yoji Kasajima. The design harmonises an unusual elixir of Japanese-Swedish traditions and Scandinavian architecture to create an environment that awakens all the senses.

A feast for the senses

Sea, pine trees and layers of stone – this is the breathtaking natural context just east of central Stockholm which influences the Japanese inspired Yasuragi Spa Hotel. Surrounded by a pine forest, the original concrete and timber clad building nestles into the flat rocks by Lake Saltsjön.

A new row of 27 hotel rooms on top of one of the existing wings extends the building by another storey, giving each room a magnificent view of Höggarnsfjärden Bay. The extension begins with the aesthetic of the original structure, but stirs the ingredients into a contemporary blend.

Client: Home Properties AB
Location: Stockholm
Status: Completed 2014
Area: 1,200 sqm
Photo: Thomas Zaar

Raw concrete was already a part of the existing building; it felt natural to continue using this clean, honest and timeless material.

The interior experience is just as much a feast for the senses as the building’s exterior and context. Closed and retrospective combine with framed-views of the nature beyond: concrete-encased stairwells open to corridors with glass with views of the pine forest.

Materials and detailing continue the hotel’s Japanese theme on the interior. The seigaiha pattern, which was used to depict oceans in ancient Chinese maps and is commonly found in traditional Japanese costumes, has been applied to wallpaper, headboards and textiles as a consistent decorative feature. This pattern of layered concentric circles represents many things: water, good luck, as well as power and resilience.

Interiors are inspired by traditional Japanese design, such as tatami mat dimensions and the Seigaiha wave pattern used in wallpaper and furniture.

Contact & Team

Magnus Croon

Magnus Croon

Building engineer

+46 703 15 88 08

Johan Björkholm

Lisa Grape

Katarina Eurenius

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