2023 was affected by major global unrest and a weaker market for the construction and property sectors. Despite this, the pace of the sustainable transition is accelerating, not least due to increased pressure from the EU. This transition is crucial for people and the environment, but also necessary for companies to remain relevant and competitive.

White’s mission, to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture, is more relevant than ever. This makes us strong in the market, not least internationally, and contributed greatly to the Dezeen Architect of the Year award as well as being invited to the Venice Architecture Biennale. This is an incredible recognition of our focused work on creating sustainable architecture.

In our Annual and Sustainability Report below, you can read more about our progress in 2023 and our efforts to drive sustainable development.

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This page contains an excerpt from our Annual and Sustainability Report 2023. The full report can be found in the links below.

With our report, we hope to provide inspiration for how we can create the sustainable society of the future. Architecture for people with a living planet for many generations to come. Architecture for a sustainable life.

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With our vision of creating regenerative architecture, we aim to increase the focus on preserving and recreating value and contribute to a resilient and circular society.

Sustainable transition

White’s focus is to create environments and architecture that are climate neutral, circular and enhance biodiversity, health and social value.

We want to contribute to the creation of regenerative architecture, which means that we not only reduce our impact, but also contribute to regeneration and a more circular society. Nature’s functions are the best model, and more greenery and ecosystem services are a key issue. Berga Trädgårdsstad is an example of the regenerative housing development of the future, and in both Gothenburg and Malmö we have developed visions for green cities that improve people’s health, manage climate risks and create resilient living environments.

In 2023 we have seen a major push to use the built environment more efficiently and an increased focus on reuse and circularity. Projects are becoming larger, such as the reuse of 30,000 square metres of furniture for the new Court in Malmö, or the reuse of Scandinavium and other stadiums in Gothenburg.

We are making progress towards climate neutrality, albeit at a slow pace. There is a positive trend for clients to include more specific climate targets in their project briefs. Interest in timber construction remains strong, with increased demand internationally and in healthcare architecture. One example is the reception building at the Central Hospital in Karlstad, which will have a 40% lower climate impact than similar healthcare buildings. At the Velindre Cancer Centre in Wales, we are working with materials such as wood and clay to reduce the carbon footprint.

Our new service and process to drive the development of Energy Positive Districts – PED, has quickly made a big impact with several major contracts.

Our clients are increasingly setting measurable social sustainability targets. We have seen increased demand for child impact assessments, including crime prevention planning. To create environments for all, we also need to understand the needs of citizens, and we offer strategic and dialogue work in both construction and urban planning.

With a wide range of skills and services, together we can contribute to long-term sustainable value – for our clients, for society and for the planet.

We remain steadfast in our vision that by 2030, all our architecture will be regenerative and climate neutral through design excellence.

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