Ekoladan – Lindeborgs Eco Retreat

Ekoladan – Lindeborgs Eco Retreat

Lindeborgs Eco Retreat is a climate-positive hotel, conference and retreat with innovative agriculture, vegetable cultivation, beekeeping, meadows, biochar production and a biological water purification system. At the centre is Ekoladan (the Eco-barn) located, which has been redesigned and renovated with sustainable and natural materials.

Old barn turns sustainable retreat

A 100-year-old farm building that previously contained tools and tractors has become a modern building but at the same time retains both the external and internal feeling of a barn.

The completed first stage contains a hotel room, two studios, an education / yoga room, a relaxation area and a technology room. The next stage will include further more hotel rooms and a larger room for education. In a third stage, the kitchen and dining room will be added.

Client: Lindeborgs Eco Retreat
Status: Completed 2017
Location: Nyköping, Sweden
Photo: Ken Pils

From old barn to climate-positive hotel and retreat with sustainable and natural materials.

A sustainable collaboration

The level of ambition has consistently been high with the motto of postponing the schedule rather than compromising on quality. In a close dialogue with the client, the project has taken several turns and is characterized by short, fast decision paths with unconventional ways of conveying ideas and concepts – in all directions.

The Ekoladan project has really engaged everyone who has come into contact with it, something that made everyone give that little extra that is required for a project to succeed really well.
Barbara Vogt, Lead Architect

The technical systems are part of a comprehensive plan for the entire farm, where sun and wood chips are the primary energy sources. In Ekoladan, the heating takes place with the help of a pyrolysis process where biomass from the forest is used to produce heat and biochar. The carbon dioxide taken up by the trees is bound in the carbon which is then used for the crops. In this way, a climate-positive effect is achieved: when Ekoladan is heated, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere decreases.

To enable natural ventilation, we have collaborated with ByDemand and the assignment has also been linked to our WRL project (White Research Lab) on natural ventilation.

Our goal with Ekoladan has been to create a sustainable environment for learning, creativity and inspiration that will work regardless of whether you come for a conference, yoga retreat or for your own weekend at an Eco-farm. The large windows that go all the way to the floor strengthen the contact with nature outside and encourage reflection. The natural materials on the inside give a nice calm feeling.
Julia Lindeborg, Lindeborgs Eco Retreat

Climate-positive future

For us at White, architecture is about creating long-term values. We work actively to ensure that our projects have as low an environmental impact as possible. Read more about our strategy for att climate-positive future.

Contact & Team

Barbara Vogt

Barbara Vogt

Architect, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Head of Business development Germany

+46 766 39 46 28

Susanne Klämfeldt

Ingrid Ehrnebo

Charlotta Davidsson

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