Hasle Harbour Bath

Hasle Harbour Bath

On the Danish island of Bornholm, the small port town of Hasle is renowned for its lingering sunsets. Hasle Harbour Baths was the first project commissioned by the island to boost its developing tourist industry; a social gathering point in the water, where people of all ages and abilities can bathe, relax and enjoy the spectacular sea views and sunsets.

Reclaiming the sea

While the harbour’s granite breakwaters provide safe berthing for fishing vessels, they also obstruct views out to sea. Reinstating the sea views was a driving factor behind Hasle Harbour Baths. The intention was for people to walk, sit and lie on the new structure which gave rise to the design concept of outdoor ‘carpeting’ that folded over the breakwaters. The largest of these, the ‘flygande mattan’, or ‘flying carpet’ forms the main structure.

Client: Bornholm Regional Municipality
Location: Hasle, Denmark
Status: Completed 2013
Area: 960 sqm
Visuals: Signe Find Larsen, Mats Ek, Anton Almqvist

Welcoming all ages and abilities, the open design allows visitors to intuitively interact the structure.

Comprised of two timber stair formations atop of a floating concrete platform, the ‘flying carpet’ functions as a viewing platform and outdoor lounge. Swimming enclosures of different depths lie on the platform’s inner edge, while the outer edge delineates swimming lanes in the surrounding deep waters. Stair formations rise from the platform, creating staggered seating at different levels. Two diving platforms also extend from the main stairs. The unusual name refers to the tip of the Z-shaped structure that shoots seven-metres above the water surface, evoking the dynamism of the mythological carpet. At this westerly point, visitors are rewarded with views of Hasle harbour, the sea, as well the formidable sunsets.

I come down here on days when I feel really tired and washed out and just empty my mind. I guess you could call it meditation; I can relax and feel completely well again.
Ole Folkmann, Bather

Hasle Harbour Baths are connected to shore by a 25 metre floating promenade that leads to a sauna, bathrooms and an outdoor changing area. To the south of this is a jetty catering for a variety of water sports. The wooden stairs, promenade and outdoor furniture is composed of FSC-certified Azobé timber, selected for its aesthetic qualities as well as its ability to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Contact & Team

Martin Sundberg

Martin Sundberg

Architect, Office director

+46 766 39 46 54

Fredrik Pettersson

Lead Architect


Martin Münter

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