As we grow in numbers, we need the city. Democratic urban design creates inclusive environments and diversity. Interaction between people, the exchange of goods and services, creativity and opportunities. As urbanisation and climate challenges increase, cities must evolve to accommodate large numbers of people while creating a city where everyone can come together. A city full of life and experiences, built in a more sustainable and resilient way in harmony with nature. There is no room for monotony in diversity. It brings people and their ways of life together, which is the essence of civilisational development.

Our expertise in Urban design

Urban planning

Democratic urban planning is about creating inclusive environments with few barriers, while preserving the unique character of the place. To make our cities better places to live.


Like people, all places carry stories. Through our story-based approach to site development, we listen to both the buildings and spaces and the stories and memories that people carry with them. By harnessing the historic and contemporary values of a place and its stories, we create sustainable value for the future.


Infrastructure is about designing environments that set the stage for much of our everyday life. White has many years of experience in creating award-winning and sustainable environments – accessible to all.