White has a long and proud history of driving sustainability issues in the projects we participate in and we offer a wide range of services. Our strength lies in our holistic view of the planning and building process and we help our clients achieve successful projects in everything from urban planning and architecture to interior design and furniture. Whether it is about the environment, climate or social well-being, we are committed to the issues throughout the process, from idea to management. Together for a sustainable life.

A range of expertise brings value to you

With many different areas of expertise, we can assemble teams to ensure a holistic approach to sustainability. We work as overall sustainability coordinators, from conceptualisation to completion. Our role involves leading initiatives for climate neutrality, circularity, and social sustainability. We conduct in-depth research and analysis on ecosystem services, daylight, energy, health, and social values. Additionally, we utilize digital simulations to ensure a minimal climate footprint, optimal indoor environments, and climate-appropriate outdoor spaces.

Our expertise in Sustainability

Carbon neutrality

The negative impact of the construction industry on the climate is well documented. Nevertheless, we are positive about the future of the industry. What is needed is a radical shift to building with minimal climate impact.

Circular architecture

Circular architecture significantly contributes to the conservation of natural resources, reduction of climate impact, and the preservation and enhancement of both social and cultural values.

Circular interior design

Our circular interior design service breathes new life into your existing space, creating an environment that not only aligns with the principles of a circular economy but also exudes uniqueness, attractiveness, and style – all while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Eco-system services

With smarter urban planning, we include the nature as optimally as possible in our daily lives. Resilient ecosystems provide important values for our survival, health, prosperity and quality of life.

Regenerative design

For a city to be full of life, experiences and diversity, we need to build in a more sustainable and resilient way. The path to a green transition is called regenerative design.

Positive energy districts – PED

Using our Positive Energy Planning Process PEPP, we can help you achieve your energy and climate goals, by co-creating, developing, and supporting Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods – where people, nature and businesses can thrive.


Building integrated solar panels

With building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), we can create self-sufficient buildings that have a lower impact on the climate and produce more energy than they consume. In addition to a stable energy supply, BIPV offers many other benefits that can help you achieve your sustainability goals and increase the value of your property.

Social sustainability

An equal society is based on the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all. Cities and buildings are there for everyone, but that means they have to be designed to meet many different needs.