Hamnplan in Sigtuna

Hamnplan in Sigtuna

Hamnplan in Sigtuna has been completely transformed. From a gravel field for cars to a blossoming meeting place just by the picturesque shoreline of lake Mälaren. New comfortable seating, a beautiful rain garden, new lighting and artistic decoration invites you to linger, socialize and enjoy the beautiful view.

A welcoming entrance invites you in

The south-facing position towards the water and the marina is taken advantage of and given a long row of sun sofas that frame the place. The social furniture faces in two directions and offers several ways of use and several ways of sitting. The sofas are playfully designed to strengthen the place’s identity, encourage play and movement and appeal to all ages.

The new efficient parking has been embedded with separate lush, well-composed planting areas. The lush vegetation of the new species-rich plantings holds significant importance for the site. Not only does it create pleasant and attractive spaces to linger, but it also contributes to vital ecosystem services.

Client: Sigtuna kommun
Location: Sigtuna, Sweden
Projekt start/end: 2019-2023
Status: Completed 2023
Photo: Jann Lipka

The plantings promote biodiversity, purify stormwater in response to a changing climate, and provide a delightful space to enjoy.

A floor with identity

The open hard-surfaced area has been given a distinct herringbone pattern using natural stone and concrete pavers. The pattern’s gentle shifts make the floor feel more alive, shimmering beautifully in the sun akin to the waters of Lake Mälaren nearby. An artwork by Katarina Löfström marks the entrance of the place. The project also includes a new cycle path which is part of Sigtuna city’s work to promote cycle traffic.

Species-rich greenery

Generous planting areas embrace the site and create a green zone between the square and the car park. The new plantings and greenery are of great importance to the site. Not only do they create pleasant and attractive places to spend time, but they also create vital ecosystem services. The species-rich plantings promote biodiversity, purify stormwater as a response to a changing climate, and create the conditions for a place for people to enjoy. The lush plantings capture and purify stormwater and at the same time, a diversity of trees, shrubs and perennials contribute to temperature regulation, local habitats, biodiversity and flowering and colour change throughout the year.

Lighting in the square

The open plaza space is framed by wire lighting that creates a warm, glittering light during the dark hours. Late evenings and during the night, when the space is not in use, the wire lighting is switched off to create a darker and more restful lighting environment. The plantings are highlighted by dimmed floodlighting, making the plants a beautiful focal point throughout the day. The lighting along the planting area and along the pedestrian and cycle path that runs around the site is designed to simultaneously provide subdued, low-level light to the car park.

Contact & Team

Cecilia Jarlöv

Cecilia Jarlöv

Landscape architect, Studio manager

+46 721 73 32 73

Clara Fraenkel

Erik Miron

Josefin Norén Almén

Felix Melin

Sanna Eriksson

Viktor Sveding

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