Sustainability is our main driver for creativity, innovation, inclusion and better architecture. By putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we create architecture and equal societies for today and tomorrow.

In order for society to achieve global and national sustainability goals, we need to take immediate action. No one can drive change on their own, but together we have the power to turn the development towards a more sustainable future.

White has a long and proud history of driving sustainability issues in the projects we participate in and we offer a wide range of services. Our strength lies in our holistic view of the planning and building process and, whether your concerns are with the environment, climate impact, corporate social responsibility or financial values, we can manage sustainability issues through establishing your vision, planning, project design and scheduling and on to construction and the management of your asset.

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Anna Graaf

Anna Graaf

Sustainability specialist, Sustainability director


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For us, sustainable architecture is about creating buildings and equal societies where people are in focus. The challenge, however, is to do it within the planetary boundaries. The Global Goals and our committment to Global Compact provides direction for our work.
Anna Graaf, Director of Sustainability

Doing it together

White is a multidisciplinary collective where social anthropologists, environmental specialists and light designers work alongside energy experts, architects and product developers. Among others. We are convinced that diversity and cross-disciplinary collaboration is key to solving today’s social challenges and achieving our goals.

Our Code of Conduct for Corporate Sustainability, which is based on the ten principles of UN Global Compact, provides guidance on how we do business and what expectations we have on our partners – and ourselves.

Around 40 specialists at White work with environmental, social and economic perspectives to ensure a holistic approach to sustainability. We coordinate certifications, dialogue processes, social impact analyses and environmental assessments. Our specialists within digital design perform analysis for daylight, micro climate and energy calculations.

Sustainable business

All our projects begin with a sustainability analysis. In the early stages, we set common goals together with our client. By considering long-term social, environmental and financial values and gains on investment we achieve a sustainable project and a sustainable business — for our client, for us, for society and for the planet.

Architecture for a Sustainable Life • Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

2023 was affected by major global unrest and a weaker market for the construction and property sectors. Despite this, the pace of the sustainable transition is accelerating, not least due to increased pressure from the EU. This transition is crucial for people and the environment, but also necessary for companies to remain relevant and competitive.

White’s mission, to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture, is more relevant than ever.

Read our Annual and Sustainability Report 2023
We challenge ourselves and our clients to move towards zero carbon to drive development in the industry forward and contribute to a sustainable future!

Roadmap Climate 2030 – Our strategy for a climate-positive future

The effects of climate change are already evident, and global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced rapidly to ensure a living planet and a sustainable life for future generations. The goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to 1.5°C and to enhance the resilience to the effects of climate change. Achieving the goals and challenges requires a radical transition and it must happen now!

Roadmap Climate 2030 sets out White’s direction until 2030 for how it will contribute to the transition required in society to achieve national and international climate goals and White’s own vision and goals.

White has strong values: we will be exploratory, responsible and act with participation and respect.

Responsible Business Development

A strong commitment to society and an ethical, democratic fundamental view are the cornerstones of White’s corporate culture. Today, it is associated with major risks in not taking responsibility for how the business affects people or the environment. In addition, the pandemic has shown that there are unexpected threats that can have a huge impact on both the company and society at large. The aim for our business is to develop sustainable architecture and values for our stakeholders and our strategic plan sets a clear and challenging direction. Our mission is to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture.

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