Hamra National Park & Kronjuveler

Hamra National Park & Kronjuveler

Hamra National Park was the site of a special pilot to test an award-winning visual identity concept, intended for implementation across all Swedish National Parks. The goal was to encourage more people to experience the beauty of national parkland, while taking ownership of these national treasures.

National treasures

Naturvårdsverket – Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency, hosted a design competition to develop a new visual identity for Hamra National Park. Working with Happy F&B and Forsman & Bodenfors Factory, Kronjuveler – Crown Jewels was a winning proposal that provided architectural and graphic solutions to encourage more visitors to engage with the forest and parkland.

In addition to the visual identity project, three new entrances were created in different habitats, leading visitors into the forests, marshes and riverside. Service functions, wayfinding, and informational signage were also produced to enhance the visitor experience. The new visual identity programme will eventually be implemented in other national parks throughout Sweden.

Clients: Länsstyrelsen i Gävleborg / Naturvårdsverket
Completed 2011
Sienapriset 2013, Silverägg i kategorin Design genom Happy F&B
Visuals: Henrik Lindvall, Tomas Ärlemo

The project persuades people to engage with their national parks; with interest, enthusiasm and responsibility.

Kronjuveler – Crown Jewels, refers to a gilded treasure at the heart of the proposal. The star-shaped ice crystal is a symbol for protected countryside. These stars were used as a recurring motif, marking the location of each national park on visitor maps. The six-sided star is a simple yet powerful graphic. By extruding the star into a three-dimensional object, it transforms into a crown; the national symbol of Sweden. The crown reminds visitors that the spectacular parklands surrounding them are natural treasures, while its golden patina creates an interesting object for discovery as it glitters in the sun.

A kit of design components comprising furniture, picnic cottage, observation towers, signs, toilets, barbecues, bear safe waste disposal and viewing platforms were designed. Materials used included: finely milled timber with dovetail joints that were furnished with slightly narrower pins than usual, whitewood boards, concrete and weathering steel grating.

The proposal communicates with a pleasure and commitment that is contagious.
Jury panel, 2013 Sienapriset

One of the ways of building resilience into Hamra National Park was by involving some of the youngest residents of Ljusdal. During the park’s inauguration, school children acted as forest guides, sharing their knowledge about wildlife and plants. It is hoped that this early active engagement with the national park and visitors sparks a life-long connection; incubating a generation of life-long ambassadors for nature.

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Martin Ehn Hillberg

Martin Ehn Hillberg

Landscape architect, Office director

+46 705 50 60 93

Anders Tväråna

Agne Revellé

Magnus Bunner

Magnus Nellström

Moa Wendt

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