Forumtorget is one of Uppsala’s most important central squares; an open breathing space within the built-up business district. The Square is a generous new public plaza with a dramatic 65 metre stretch of seating that delights, entertains and provides a moment of rest as the main focal point.

A moment of reflection

Forumtorget gives tired shoppers and people on their lunch break a moment of pause in their busy urban lives. While the square has been a well-established gathering point in Uppsala for many years, its new competition-winning design redefines the space in a way that invites passersby to take a break, enjoy a public performance, or participate in activities.

Client: Uppsala Municipality
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Status: Completed 2018
Area: 1,600 sqm
Visuals: Måns Berg, White

The refurbishment of Forumtorget is about preserving its existing identity; not reinventing it.

Introducing the new Forumtorget

The project involves three main elements that work together to strengthen the square’s identity; subdued paving tiles, a stage for seating and performance, and a 65 metre long bench. The showstopping bench is designed for more than just aesthetic purposes, by bridging the differing ground levels of the square.

A robust and well functioning proposal that fits into an increasingly self-confident Uppsala, in which history and culture exist in harmony with the present. Forumtorget takes the character of the lanes and the square and builds on them to create an attractive new meeting place for everyone.
Competition jury panel

Dsearch, White Reseach Lab's computational design development network, have guided the project from concept to completion.

As day shifts to night, the bench takes on a new character; its warm glow illuminates the square, creating a safer environment for all.

Parametric thinking

The bench is composed of 3,500 unique elements made from a glass-quartz composite, shaped by water-jet cutters. The water-jet cutting technique is used when the materials being machined are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other tooling methods. The design model was developed by Dsearch, White Research Lab’s in-house computational design team.

Competition stage together with Erik Hedman and Johanna Uddén at Konsthuset. Further collaboration with Michael Malmborg and Jonas Wannfors (LYX), Rosskopf + Partners, Designtoproduction

Contact & Team

Gustav Jarlöv

Gustav Jarlöv

Landscape architect

+46 705 22 38 85

Gustav Jarlöv

Viktoria Walldin

Jens Modin

Vladimir Ondejcik

Jonas Runberger

Rikard Sjöberg

Andreas Milsta

Hanna Linde

Torbjörn Eliasson

Christian Wallenborg

Hamia Aghaiemeybodi

Lotta Lindh

Pedram Seddighsadeh

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