Everyone is affected by the landscape we live in. The modern square, or the old alley where the light falls so beautifully in spring. Quiet streets or vibrant meeting places. A balance that can only be created by understanding people, and by planning together for landscapes that work with their surroundings. Then we create places that give to both people and the planet. And last over the years.

Helping cities develop in an eco-friendly way

Our ambition is to give people green living spaces in densified areas, to inspire movement and well-being, to convey a sense of harmony and to help cities develop in an eco-friendly way.

Our expertise in Landscape Architecture

Urban environment, parks and landscapes

Urbanisation means that our shared spaces get smaller and our need for nature gets bigger. That is why we need to create outdoor environments together with those who live nearby – who use these spaces to play, run and recover.

Eco-system services

With smarter urban planning, we include the nature as optimally as possible in our daily lives. Resilient ecosystems provide important values for our survival, health, prosperity and quality of life.

Regenerative design

Cities and the climate are changing. It affects all people and communities, and not least the design of our cities, which are growing in population. For a city to be full of life, experiences and diversity, we must build for the long term and in a more sustainable way.