Qualified project management and holistic thinking are required to get the best out of your project. From concept to completion. When White takes that role, you can be sure of two things. We have a clear focus on your business, and the conditions for sustainable architecture are improved.

From idea to realisation

For us, it is important to take responsibility for the implementation of the ideas and projects we develop. That is why we are an invaluable advisor, from the early stages to the last nail, with cutting-edge expertise in project management, calculations and property development. To help us, we have a number of specialists at White as well as a fine-mesh network of partners.

Regardless of what your needs look like, we keep time and budget frames. We also guarantee that our built projects maintain a high level of design and sustainability. And of course, we deliver the business benefits you expect while meeting the architect’s vision and your requirements. From concept to completion.

Our expertise in Project Management

Sustainable project management

Our strength lies in our multi-disciplinary team and our sustainable business model. The fact we can offer quite so many services within architecture, project management and sustainability makes us unique. It also puts us in prime position to give our customers the best possible advice. As project managers, we understand the value of sustainable architecture – it is invaluable knowledge in our work to constantly become better advisors to our customers while simultaneously safeguarding core architectural principles across project development.

Design management

We lead the design work from an early stage up to contract procurement. As design manager, we are responsible for coordination, control and follow-up. We ensure that the various parts of the documents form a well-functioning whole and that the work is carried forward towards the client’s goals, within schedule and budget.


Our experienced calculations department can provide you with sure-fire decision-making materials at all stages, from concept to follow-up. Active cost management is a service we have developed over the years which consists in making continuous calculations throughout the entire duration of a project. By incorporating expert calculation skills into every project stage, we can ensure financial feasibility and attain higher levels of quality within your predetermined cost constraints. The result is a more effective process saving valuable time and resources.

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