Nobelberget is growing a new part of the city in Nacka, that is surging with life and creativity. This part of the city is connecting Nacka to Stockholm and opens up previously closed areas and passages.

The building consists of 500 residence-units, nature, culture, venues and creative co-working places. Together with Atrium Ljungberg, we worked with a detail plan accepted on June 2018, of the first neighbourhoods and a preschool, placed in this historical boiler.

Nobelberget is in many ways a complex project. Underground there is a road tunnel to the south link and soon the subway is developing towards Nacka. These parameters have affected the detail plans and the location of the building. The traffic noise and risk issues have been challenging. Additionally, in Nobelberget there are culturally valuable buildings that have to be preserved and integrated with the new buildings making it hard to build on a height. The result is a new exciting part of the city with innovative solutions.

Client: Atrium Ljungberg
Location: Nacka, Sweden
Status: On-going
Area: 35,000 sqm
Visuals: Whyte Lilja, Walk the Room, White

A creative neighbourhood for big dreams and new ideas.

This part of the city is developing from an office- and industry area to a pleasant neighbourhood with plenty of room for restaurants, preschools and venues for various functions. On the block closest to Atlasrondellen the detail plan gives an opportunity to accommodate a university.

Sicklastråket tie Nobelberget to Hammarby Sjöstad and Sickla Köpkvarter. This passage invites conversation and community. It is a rendezvous and a scene for culture, events and markets. A city park is being planned and to the left of Nobelberget. The architect Urbio is in charge of the park, public places and courtyard as well as passage and streets.


Life on the mountain

It is not easy to build on a height. But the result is an exciting cityscape with innovative solutions. Towards Sickla Industriväg a city front is created, with higher buildings that change character and becomes more broken and small-scale further up the mountain.

The first block consists of four stairwells around a community garden. The inspiration came from the industrial history of the area. White have designed the block and the interior concept is by White Lilja.

The floor plans are designed with a social life in mind, with an open living area and a more private area with bedrooms and baths. Almost all floor plans are unique in their kind with their own qualities. There are solar cells on the roofs.

A preschool for the curious

White transforms the Nobelberget old boiler center, with its characteristic chimney, into a preschool. The existing brick building is preserved and supplemented by an extension that links the mountain at the back to the original building. It makes the landscape part of the architecture and creates many playful environments.

The pre-school stairwell becomes a sculpture in itself. Through window cubes, curious children can look up or down at those passing by. On the entrance level, there’s dining room where the doors can be opened in the summertime. Read more about the Preschool at Nobelberget here.

A place for co-creation

One of the buildings that is preserved according to the detailed plan is the Formalin factory. By preserving buildings in the area, the creative businesses can remain in the area. The formalin factory will be constantly in change and developent, with room for new innovations.

The area opens up

An important factor when working with the detailed plan is to link Sickla with Hammarby Sjöstad. Nobelberget is well located, close to Saltsjöbanan, Tvärbanan, buses and soon also the subway. An east-west connection is also created through the area for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. It will be an important addition to the area that is relatively closed today.

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Kristin Sjögren


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