The drive towards a sustainable transition shows the way for a weaker growth in the construction and real estate industry in 2022. The EU’s “Green Deal” highlights architecture and design as pivotal success factors for sustainable development. For White, sustainability means creating architecture that is carbon neutral, circular, and nature-based, while also contributing to enhancing health and social values.

For many years, White has had a dedicated focus on sustainability. The industry has gradually made progress, but with the increasing pressure on sustainable finances due to the EU’s taxonomy, we are experiencing a shift that can truly accelerate the pace. White provides a range of knowledge, expertise, and services to ensure that our projects contribute to long-term sustainable values.

This page contains an excerpt from our Annual and Sustainability Report 2022. The full report can be found in the links below.

Read the full version of our Annual and Sustainability Report for 2022

This page contains an excerpt from our Annual and Sustainability Report 2022. The full report can be found in the links below.

With our report, we hope to provide inspiration for how we can create the sustainable society of the future. Architecture for people with a living planet for many generations to come. Architecture for a sustainable life.

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Sustainability is now becoming a business-critical issue, and there is a significant risk in not taking sustainability seriously. On the contrary, there are significant opportunities.

Sustainability offers great opportunities

In 2022, we have noticed a significant increase, 39%, in projects with concrete climate goals and 30% of our building projects are designed with a solid timber frame. Projects with a focus on reuse and circularity, has also increased, both for interior design and buildings. There has also been a clear attitude change towards circularity, but scaling up requires new business models, services, and approaches. The office building Lumi in Uppsala is currently one of Sweden’s largest reuse projects.

Society has had a strong focus on energy efficiency, and our new service and process to drive the development of Positive Energy Districts, PEPP, has quickly gained significant traction.

Contributing to both socially sustainable and health-promoting environments is an important societal and public health issue, and we have it as a starting point in all our projects. An increasing problem is that children and young people need more physical activity. When designing the school Indigo in Gothenburg (Sweden) the goal was therefore to create an environment that stimulates movement.

A transformative year

2022 began with recovery after the pandemic, but in February, the market changed due to the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Inflation, rising construction prices, increased interest rates, and declining transaction values affected developers and property owners, especially in residential and commercial properties. As a result, the group’s results slightly decreased compared to 2021, to 767 million SEK (769 million SEK). However, the demand from public clients remained strong, and we, among other projects, gained continued trust in the renovation and expansion project of Central Hospital in Karlstad.

White continues to grow internationally, much due to our strong position within sustainable architecture. Winning the Swedish Government’s Export Award is recognition of our work and investments. Our studios in Germany and England have increased their turnover as a result of our strategic focus on healthcare. We have won contracts to design a healthcare and treatment building in Tübingen (Germany) and a cancer clinic in Velindre (Wales). The international orders now account for 16% of the total order intake.

Our practice-based research and development contributes to building knowledge. We have also increased the turnover within our Digital Matter unit, which has developed a digital reuse process called “ReMake” during the year. We are also developing methodologies for carbon calculation in early and late stages.

Throughout the year, we won many competitions, including the concept competition for Magasinstranden in central Helsinki (Finland). We were also successful in land allocations, including the climate-positive neighborhood Boostad in Malmö, which will offer economically attractive housing, and 250 new timber homes in Hamar (Norway), where nature plays a central role.

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Our Sustainability Services

We offer a range of services within White and in all our areas of expertise. Here are some examples of how we together can turn the development towards a more sustainable future.

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Carbon Neutrality

While we always aim to contribute to ensuring that projects have the lowest possible climate impact, White’s overarching goal is to create climate-neutral projects. This is achieved by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from materials and energy and balancing with renewable energy or carbon sinks. By establishing a climate budget, we successively evaluate various alternative designs, choices of materials and technical systems. We can use urban planning to meet people’s needs in a manner that encourages a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability for White

Sustainability is our main driver for creativity, innovation, inclusion and better architecture. By putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we create architecture and equal societies where the human is in focus. For us, sustainable architecture is about creating buildings and equal societies where people are in focus. The challenge, however, is to do it within the planetary boundaries. The Global Goals and our committment to Global Compact provides direction for our work.

Research, Development and Innovation

Since 1951, we have challenged ourselves and the world around us through practice-based research and development. From our artistic and humanistic foundation, we draw inspiration and strength and find methods for creative solutions to major challenges. Research, development and learning lead us forward. Our mission is to drive the transition towards a sustainable life with the power of architecture. We do this through new knowledge and with new processes, methods and innovations that give us the opportunity to influence society.