Moving in Circles is the Way Forward

Society is facing tremendous challenges – we are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Earth’s resources are being over-exploited, and global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced rapidly to ensure a living planet and a sustainable life for future generations.

Driving the transition to a circular economy

Governments and societies alike are placing increasing demands on companies to contribute to sustainable development. And the construction and real estate sector accounts for as much as 20% of Sweden’s and 21% of the UK’s climate emissions.

Through reuse, we can drive the transition from a linear to a circular economy and reduce the sector’s carbon footprint. The starting point is to make use of what already exists – be it neighbourhoods, buildings or materials – to create new designs and attractive environments.

Achieving the climate goals and overcoming the challenges require a radical transition – and it must happen now. By getting involved and driving developments towards a circular economy, you can set yourselves apart from the competition and meet current and future climate goals.

Values for You!

  • Achieve climate goals
  • Create real estate that’s attractive to your target group
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Set yourselves apart from the competition
  • More resilient business – timeless architecture

Projects at a glance

Selma Lagerlöfs Centre, Gothenburg

A municipal headquarters and cultural centre in one, that invites collaboration between the local authority and citizens. In the new centre, great emphasis has been placed on circularity – with 92% reused furniture.

Read more about the project and its reuse-figures »

Lindesborg Eco Retreat – Ekoladan, Nyköping

From an old barn to a climate-positive hotel and retreat with sustainable and natural materials.

Read more about the circular ideas »


Waste not, want not! At the bustling new office of Energimyndigheten, 73% of the furniture has a history in the agency’s previous space, but has been given a second life in a wholly new interior concept that promotes happiness at work.

Read more about the reuse-concept »


Can everything be reused in a demolition?

With the Kromet office building in Gothenburg, the ambition was to reuse, recycle and upcycle 100% of all the materials. But is 100% really possible – i.e. not wasting a single thing in a demolition?

Read more about our work with Kromet »

Collaborative project shows the way forward

To ensure that circularity becomes the rule rather than the exception in the building sector, sustainable reference projects from the industry are vital. Alongside Klövern we are currently finding new ways to reuse building materials on a large scale.

Read more about the Klövern project »

Large savings with creative reuse

Through a creative design approach and an advanced BIM process, the building could be saved from demolition and be transformed into a modern office complex.

Read more about creative reuse at Hugin »


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Anna Graaf

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Malin Belfrage

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