By working in interdisciplinary teams we can ensure a holistic approach to sustainability issues, regardless of whether we are reinforcing our architectural commissions or working directly for the client.

White has a long and proud history of driving sustainability issues in the projects we participate in and we offer a wide range of services. Our strength lies in our holistic view of the planning and building process and, whether your concerns are with the environment, climate impact, corporate social responsibility or financial values, we can manage sustainability issues through establishing your vision, planning, project design and scheduling and on to construction and the management of your asset.

We employed our first environment and energy specialists in 1998 and a decade ago we expanded our expertise to include economic sustainability specialists such as social anthropologists, behavioural scientists, cultural geographers and economists. Today, we can call on the talents of some 40 sustainability experts.

By working in interdisciplinary teams we can ensure a holistic approach to sustainability issues, regardless of whether we are reinforcing our architectural commissions or working directly for the client. We provide strategic sustainability coordination or process management from vision to completed project. We implement studies and analysis of ecosystem services, daylight, energy, climate impact, materials and social aspects and behaviour, as well as conducting citizen dialogues.

Our point of departure is always the UN’s global sustainability goals and we have the breadth of expertise required to navigate the market’s many certification systems. You can learn more about our offer below but we would be delighted to hear from you in person if you would like to discuss how sustainability issues can be managed in your particular project.

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Anna Graaf / Sustainability Director
Maria Glädt / Manager Environmental Specialist, Gothenburg
Lisa Wistrand / Manager Social Sustainability, Gothenburg
Caroline Cederström / Group Manager Sustainability, Stockholm
Anna Krook / Group Manager Sustainability, Malmö

Our Sustainability Services

We offer a range of services within White and in all our areas of expertise. Here are some examples of how we together can turn the development towards a more sustainable future.

  • Sustainability Coordination

    Sustainability issues are a key component of every project. Success in driving these issues is dependent on a clear vision and strategic objective, as well as the commitment of all stakeholders. We have extensive experience in leading sustainability throughout the process; from stating vision, goals and strategy to conducting various types of study and leading work through project design, construction and post-occupancy. We also have expertise in the various building certification systems.

  • Circular Architecture

    Successful sustainable development is dependent on society’s transition from a linear to circular mindset in terms of lifestyle, consumption and how we build. We have developed a recycling methodology to create circular projects and help our clients to prioritise the utilisation of existing environments and buildings and to value their social and cultural worth. By renovating, reusing and recycling existing value, we can contribute to reducing costs and climate impact.

  • Carbon Neutrality

    There are several definitions of what a carbon-neutral or “net-zero” project is – but in general, it refers to a building or development whose carbon emissions from the manufacture of materials, energy use during operation and construction production are balanced with renewable energy, carbon storage or other measures. We offer services throughout the design and construction process so that you can achieve carbon neutrality in your projects in a cost- and time-efficient way.

  • Nature-based Design

    Society can meet many major challenges by integrating Nature-based Design into planning processes; for example, the consequences of climate change and decreasing biodiversity. Nature-based Design and functions have been demonstrated to be superior to and more cost-effective than corresponding technical solutions. We work systematically to implement Nature-based Design and ecosystem services from analyses to strong designs and coherent knowledge transfer.

  • Social Sustainability

    An equal society is based on the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability or age. Cities and buildings are for all people, but then they also need to be designed for many different needs. It is a democratic right. By involving the users in the planning and design process, we gain better knowledge and it strengthens the feeling of participation and ownership for those who will use the environments.

  • Economic Sustainability

    The greatest opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable development is to invest in measures that contribute to environmental and social values. We offer economic analyzes that show sustainable values ​​that can extend beyond the project economic ones. The analysis is a good basis for being able to make decisions about sustainable measures. We perform analyzes at all scales, from urban planning to individual projects.

  • Digital Sustainability

    We develop analyses, calculations and digital tools to create and evaluate design solutions, with respect to sustainability aspects within each project, to identify and support proposals delivering the best result. Our services cover sunlight and daylight access, energy consumption, wind comfort, thermal comfort, microclimates, solar cells, climate impact and façade design.


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