Dsearch is our in-house development network for computational design. It is a part of White Research Lab and employs a searching mode of design using digital and computational methodologies. We engage in projects and commissions, made possible through our method development and research engagements.


Dsearch is directly involved in White’s daily practice, contributing with technical support, coaching, conceptual development, design and project management. We are active in all phases of the design process, at different scales and in different contexts. In addition to expertise in advanced modelling, scripting and programming, Dsearch is developing strategies for applying this expertise in architectural practice for quality insured innovation.


Magelungen Park Bridge

The careful planning of the Magelungen bridge position is informed by a 3d-scan on site, providing detailed data on the trees. The bridge is planned to be constructed in curved glulam beams and trusses, and the computational design system takes the fabrication and structural aspects into account. The design development is conducted in collaboration with Tom Svilans, an early stage researcher within the Innochain program.

Method Development and Computational Design

Computational design involves the integration of scripting and programming as design tools, developed for specific use within projects. This includes advanced modelling, the facilitation of many design iterations, design informed by analysis and simulation, and integration of production data for direct fabrication through automated production tools.


When computational design is applied within architectural design development, architects and engineers shift from consumers of digital toolkits, to developers of customized tools. This supports the design of a more performative architecture of high quality and strong identity.


A computational design approach in a project can lead to innovative architectural form for improved performance and function, more optimal use of materials and architecture of expressive character.
Jonas Runberger, Head of Dsearch

Forumtorget, Uppsala

Dsearch has taken a central role in the design and development of a 65-metre customised bench, developing a computational design system ensure a well-functioning and rationally manufacturable public piece of furniture.

Humanistiska teatern, Uppsala

The facade of Humanistiska Teatern is a public artwork by Ann Lislegaard, and Dsearch used computational design to translate the artist's image into the graphic expression of the unique facade panels.

Research engagements
Dsearch conducts R&D in practice, often in collaboration with external research projects. Several Dsearch team members are also active in academic research environments. There are currently two PhDs and one licentiate within the team. Dsearch is open to external research collaborations within the field of computational design and sustainable development.


Current external research engagements include the European Training Network InnoChain, and the Vinnova-funded research project Would Wood.

Quality Hotel Globe – Lobby, Stockholm

Dsearch developed a design system for the interior cladding of interlocking lamellas, that distorts the cubic form and provides visual and acoustic experiences for visitors.


Jonas Runberger, Head of Dsearch, Architect SAR/MSA, PhD

Frans Magnusson, Dsearch Developer, Architect SAR/MSA, Licentiate

Vladimir Ondejcik, Dsearch Developer, Architect SAR/MSA

Lukas Nordström, Dsearch Developer, Architect SAR/MSA


The Dsearch extended network includes 13 members from five White offices.

Contact Person

Jonas Runberger

Jonas Runberger

Group manager




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