Quality Hotel Globe Stockholm – Foyer

Quality Hotel Globe Stockholm – Foyer

With Tele2 Arena and Ericsson Globe’s year-round programme of music, cultural and sporting events, Globen is a significant entertainment district in Stockholm. Increasing visitor numbers led to the commission of a new lobby for the Quality Hotel Globen; within this lies a hidden jewel arising from parametric design experimentation.

A welcoming environment for all

Situated between Tele2 Arena and the Ericsson Globe, Quality Hotel Globe has two entrances that welcome visitors from both venues. Whether arriving by road, rail or foot; all guests pass through the spacious new hotel lobby. Different levels and rope cordons create smaller, more intimate spaces for gathering underneath the generously proportioned space. Clusters of seating permeate the lobby, while an eclectic selection of furnishings and fabric add accents of colour and texture, bringing the visitor experience to life.

Client: SGA (Stockholm Globe Arenas)
Stockholm, Sweden
Completed 2013
Capacity: 45,000 concerts or 30,000 sports events
Environmental certifications:
Miljöbyggnad Guld
Visuals: Åke E:son Lindman & Thomas Zaar

The ambition was to create a place that inspires and welcomes all guests; from families with children, to the business traveller.

An invitation to explore

Commissioned to cater for a growing number of private hire functions, a jewel-like enclosed multipurpose event space forms an intriguing architectural feature within the hotel lobby. Visible from outside the hotel, this volume is a haptic sculpture that invites guests to walk around it to observe changes in form. The volume also forms a navigation point, visible to guests that occupy the atrium-facing rooms and from the elevators. It is designed to be a surprise; an object of interest, awaiting discovery. The structure and aesthetics arose from a set of experimental Dsearch digital design practices; from advanced modelling to direct file-to-factory delivery.

Parametic design thinking was embedded from early concept development, to final fabrication strategies. The resulting space provides a variation of experiential effects for guests that change at different viewpoints, and at different time of the day.
Jonas Runberger, Head of Dsearch

The starting point for the 400-person capacity event space design was to literally think ‘outside of the box’. Hundreds of unique rigid PVC lamellae structures make up the façades, arranged in eight systems that overlap and intersect to distort the cube geometry. This creates a dynamic visitor experience; patterns and shapes shift and mutate as guests move around the volume. To optimise resource efficiency, the number of lamella used, arrangements and the gaps between them were tested to minimise material use. An LED lighting system is embedded within the ribbed cladding structure. This can be programmed according to enhance the ambience of conferences, meetings, or banquets held within.

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