Computational design

We offer design services with a digitally informed content. Our ability to coordinate architectural qualities, geometry and data in an integrated process opens opportunities to inform the process as well as the result with knowledge and information not available in conventional design processes. This can enhance processes and allow for a more expressive, sustainable and relevant architecture. An important piece of the puzzle is the potential to adapt our digital tools to the specific conditions of a commission through scripting, programming and data management – what we call computational design.

The design driven use of algorithms and data enhances the traditional competences of the architect and the engineer to provide new insights and capacity to both collaborate and create innovation within an increasingly digitised society.
Jonas Runberger, Head of Dsearch and Artistic Professor in Digital Design

With more than 10 years of experience of applying computational design in commissions we create innovation within projects, manage digital method development, and develop strategic frameworks adapted to the needs of your organisation. We are active in all phases, from early analysis to final production. Our delivery can be a design proposal, complete documentation for production, or a so-called design system – a digital model with integrated automated functions that our partners can continue to work with. Our development takes place within the Dsearch team, read more about our work here.


Project development

We have experience of computational design in all phases and scales of projects, from interiors to landscapes. Our process is prototype driven and we can offer problem solving for specific cases or assume responsibility for parts of the process. This means that we can develop early demonstrators of how automated processes could be applied to your project, and then rapidly iterate such a design system towards the desired result. We are architects and structural engineers with a strong competency within design and construction. The comprehensive architectural competency within White also provides ties to other areas of expertise, such as sustainability, circular design and Building Information Modelling.

– Conceptual design modelling
– Complex geometric modelling
– Geometric and sustainability analysis
– Generative Design and integrated analyses
– Geometric & geographic data modelling
– Automated workflows
– Optimisation for manufacture and assembly

Here you find examples of completed commissions

Project management

The design systems we develop often combine aspects from several actors and disciplines. Here we can offer a coordinating role when project teams are assembled, and a managing role for development within projects. We will use our internal routines to establish roles, responsibilities and deliverables, to assure quality and streamline the development work – for instance through visual scripting in Grasshopper or Dynamo.

– Coordination of computational design in projects
– Management within interdisciplinary design processes
– Model management of integrated analysis and design models

Computational design Strategies

Based on our long practice experience, we are offering strategic support in organisational development within the computational design domain. Here we can help our clients establish customised workflows and contribute to competence development. We also see the opportunity to establish strategic collaborations through this service.

– Development of customised workflows
– Development of routines for design systems
– Professional education within computational design

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