Central Hospital in Karlstad, Sweden

Central Hospital in Karlstad, Sweden

Everyone has the right to good and safe healthcare. But what is required of the architecture to meet future demands on healthcare and the buildings in which it is provided? White Arkitekter is behind one of Sweden’s largest healthcare building projects, an extensive extension and redevelopment of the Central Hospital in Karlstad.

Well-functioning and long-term sustainable

In January 2019, White was commissioned to work on the restructuring of the Central Hospital in Karlstad which includes a new emergency hospital ready to receive citizens from all over Värmland.

The project is based on a holistic vision, described in the property development plan and facility provision strategy, in order to ensure that the premises are used wisely and that the transformation of the hospital enables the client to provide well-functioning and long-term sustainable care. The future offers challenges that make large healthcare projects very complex.

Client: Regionfastigheter, Region Värmland, Skanska
Location: Karlstad, Sweden
Status: On-going project. On-going project, phase 1 expected to be completed in 2033.
Size/area: New construction GTA: 107,000 square metres, Reconstruction GTA: 29,000 square metres, Demolition: 53,000 square metres.
Image: White Arkitekter

The hospital of the future is taking shape, specialising in high-tech care, efficient emergency care and healing environments where everyone's needs are taken into account, from patients to visitors and staff.

A fundamental idea in the design of the hospital area is to let the focus of the activities control the flow. The high-tech and acute care is conducted in the northern parts of the hospital. The southern part, which opens up towards the city, is more open and welcoming. Externally, the Central Hospital in Karlstad is characterised by carefully crafted brick facades and clear directions that follow the course of the river Klarälven along the hospital area. Green courtyards and glazed areas provide restful views over green areas, the river and even upwards towards the sky.

The way we give and receive care may be revolutionised several times over the lifetime of a hospital. Changing healthcare needs, a healthier but ageing population, and more citizens requiring care present challenges that architecture must address.
Cristiana Caira

The future challenges for healthcare are not only about demographics and keeping up with advances in research, but also increasing demands for sustainable buildings. The common goal is to create a hospital with efficient flows, strong patient integrity and comfortable environments for patients, visitors and staff. In practice, this means a high proportion of single rooms in the hospital, which research shows is good for recovery and reduces the risk of infection.

By having both a holistic perspective and inviting detailed expertise early in the process, we can optimise the solutions and facilitate sustainable architecture. Here we are creating not just a hospital but a hub for the entire Region Värmland, where the citizens can feel safe and be proud of.
Mathias Nilsson
We are architects who build communities! Therefore, it is fantastic to work together with our client, Region Värmland. There are short decision paths, the hospital management is dedicated to the entire process, the organisation is committed and hierarchies are secondary. I think many others can learn a lot from the way of working here!
Cristiana Caira

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