Like people, all places carry stories. Through our story-based approach to place-making, we listen to both the buildings and spaces and the stories and memories that people carry with them. By harnessing the historic and contemporary values of a place and its stories, we create sustainable value for the future.

Story based place-making

People’s identities are often closely linked to places and, conversely, people’s relationships with places are an important part of how they are perceived. The more memories we have of a place, the stronger our connection. If we feel strongly about a place, we are more likely to inhabit and care for it. The sense that we are contributing to the development of life in a place strengthens social sustainability.

By focusing on both tangible and intangible values, we create the conditions for working with place development in a way that harnesses and strengthens the identity of the place.

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Victoria Percovich Gutierrez

Victoria Percovich Gutierrez

Social sustainability


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Anna Edblom

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