Our depth of experience means that we can quickly identify the questions that will lead us to a transparent and consistent planning process. Both in cities and in the country. Through dialogue, we can develop a smart and integrated planning process that will yield the best results for each specific project – no matter whether we’re working on development plans, design programmes or planning programmes. Broad participation in societal development is what generates trust and understanding in urban development. Together with you, we all become stronger.

Democratic Environments which hold Differences and Diversity

For us, the process begins in visions and values. A broad effort yields quality results. We work in pursuit of an integrated urbanisation, in close collaboration with local municipalities, stakeholders and anyone else with a role to play in developing the city.

By engaging in constant creative development and carefully studying global developments, we can offer a process that brings project stakeholders together in an open and creative dialogue that will support the project and propel it forward.

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Anna Edblom

Anna Edblom

Architect, Development manager


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Johan Lundin

Key account manager


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