Develop climate-neutral and high-performance designs using digital analytics and data. Gain the right insights at every stage and optimise for sustainability. Our services include day and sunlight simulations, energy calculations, analyses of wind, thermal comfort and microclimate, life cycle analyses and climate calculations.

Optimise for sustainability informed by digital analysis and data

Architecture has always been a complex process, as it must be cost-effective and functional, provide comfort and wellbeing, and inspire and embody our values. Climate change has added to this complexity – the built environment must radically reduce its impact on the climate and be able to function in uncertain future climate scenarios.

Digital analysis and tools enable us to monitor and optimise multiple aspects of this easily and efficiently, and to solve complex problems.

Our services in digital sustainability

Early-stage analysis

Time- and cost-efficient, and avoids costly mistakes by verifying the performance of various sustainability aspects from the very first design sketch.

We offer:

  • Simplified methods adapted for early stages
  • Cost- and time-efficient
  • Analysis performed on an urban planning scale
  • Experienced support

BIM-integrated analysis

Optimise design performance and minimise costs by using BIM-integrated real-time analytics.

We offer:

  • Continuous performance evaluation
  • Discover errors and shortcomings in time
  • Compare and improve with informed design
  • Seamless BIM integration

Verification as required

With high quality analysis, calculations and support, we help you to verify proposed solutions against specific requirements, regulations, certification systems and standards.

We offer:

  • Specialised expertise
  • Continuous support
  • International experience

Advanced simulation

Ensure excellent project results and avoid costly mistakes with advanced, state-of-the-art analysis.

We offer:

  • Parametric optimisation
  • Non-standard solutions
  • Innovative technologies

Values for you

Health and Wellbeing

We help to create architecture that increases comfort and wellbeing – and follows building regulations and certification systems.

We help you with:

  • Daylight, sunlight, views and glare
  • Thermal comfort for summer and winter
  • Acoustic comfort and noise control

Climate impact

Minimise projects’ climate impact by using nature-based solutions, producing renewable energy, maintaining local ecosystems, reducing energy use and reusing building materials.

We help you with:

  • Reduce materials’ CO2 footprint: calculus, reuse and carbon storage
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems

Climate adaptation

Create resilient architecture adapted to future extreme weather such as extreme heat or cold, heavy rain, strong winds or high levels of air pollution.

We help you with:

  • Surface water management and flood risk
  • Microclimate and wind comfort/risk
  • Air quality and natural ventilation


Westerlundska Gymnasium

At Westerlundska Gymnasium in Enköping, we used our early-stage toolbox, WHEAT, to optimise the building’s volume.Thanks to the fact that the analyses were done at the start of the project, we managed to extend the outdoor season by almost four weeks, ensure that sustainability goals were met, reduce the building’s energy use and streamline the work.

Service in the project: Early-stage analysis


Outside Skövde, a completely new district is emerging – the garden town Frostaliden, where we have designed two wooden apartment buildings. We worked with a BIM-integrated climate calculation methodology and developed two basic proposals that led to reduced CO2 emissions by 7 and 25 percent respectively. Through the work on the climate calculation, we were also able to produce a complete climate declaration for the project.

Services in the project: BIM-integrated analysis, Climate calculation, Verification as required

Skåne University Hospital (NSM)

By optimizing the admission of daylight in the design of two new care buildings at NSM in Malmö, we have managed to reduce costs by SEK 5 million and SEK 27,500/year and reduce CO2 emissions by 30,000 kg CO2e and 1,274 CO2e/year. The optimized entry of daylight also provides great energy savings and promotes the patient’s recovery and increases the efficiency of the staff.

Service in the project: Advanced simulation

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