White Arkitekter in collaboration with CarbonZero (Prodikt)

White Arkitekter and CarbonZero, owner of the Prodikt platform, are starting a collaboration and taking a joint step to promote the development of a more sustainable construction and property industry. The goal of the collaboration is to develop easier ways to perform sustainability analysis and to be able to see the climate footprint of what is being project planned in real time.

The Swedish construction sector aims to be climate neutral by 2045. To achieve this and align with other goals and initiatives, such as the EU taxonomy, more and more actors in the construction and property industry are setting clear climate targets. Working towards low climate impact in a project requires a climate calculation, which in turn needs to be based on well-informed material choices. The Prodikt platform collects climate data at product level, from the smallest component to the finished system, which makes it possible to easily compare the climate footprint of different product alternatives and drive more sustainable design.

Through the collaboration, we will strengthen each other’s offering. Prodikt provides both data and tools and, combined with our architecture and sustainability expertise, will enable greater strategic choices, and lay the foundation for achieving the project’s sustainability goals.

Through the collaboration, we want to develop a more efficient way of working with climate calculations in project planning. Prodikt simplifies our process by providing us with detailed information on the climate impact of different materials at an early stage of the project.
Anna Graaf, Sustainability director, White Arkitekter.

– By integrating this with our project planning methodology, we can evaluate the climate footprint of different material choices and design alternatives in real time. With this data, we can work with our clients to make well-informed decisions based on the project’s climate goals, continues Anna Graaf.

The collaboration is in line with our vision for all projects to be regenerative and climate neutral by 2030. A vision that also goes hand in hand with CarbonZero’s strategy to enable sustainability to become an integral part of construction projects through digitisation and unbroken data flows, thereby ensuring simplicity and cost-effectiveness for the construction industry’s achievement of project and organisational objectives.

Through the in-depth collaboration with White Arkitekter, we are now taking another step in our user-focused product development. The partnership is fully in line with our long-term strategy to support all actors in the construction process, enabling sustainability and active choices to become a natural and cost-effective part of the workflow.
Rasmus Ekberg, CEO and co-founder of CarbonZero AB, which provides the Prodikt platform

– We really look forward to working with one of Europe’s leading architectural firms, both in our home markets in the Nordic region but also to jointly explore new opportunities and markets outside of the Nordics, continues Rasmus Ekberg.

Further development
During the collaboration, the platform will continue to be developed based on relevant needs in the construction industry. Among other things, the next generation of Prodikt’s project tool will be released with new functionalities such as specification/criteria setting of products, 3D weaver, automated energy calculation with the 3D model as a basis and intelligent portfolio overview for control, optimisation and reporting.

Read more about Prodikt here.

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Anna Graaf

Anna Graaf

Sustainability specialist, Sustainability director


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