CEO Alexandra Hagen summarises 2020

Today we release our 2020 Annual and Sustainability Report. And on that occasion, our CEO summarises the past year, which has been marked by both challenges and opportunities in the wake of the pandemic, and we have taken on the tough challenge of making all our projects climate positive by 2030.

We started 2020 at White by taking on our toughest challenge ever – the ambition for all our projects to be climate positive by 2030. To realise this vision, we launched a Roadmap to a Climate-Positive Future and a new Research and Development Programme. At the same time, we adapted to a digital working environment and expanded internationally. We have also developed an innovation system and delivered two new innovations to the market. During the year, several of our projects have won national and international awards. We have won competitions in Sweden, Norway and Germany.


Thanks to our digital office and the positive attitude of our employees, we quickly adapted to remote working on an unprecedented scale. Collaboration between offices in different cities and countries has increased – all focusing on creating value by architecture for our clients and for society at large. A big thank you to everyone who has made this possible!


Our geographic markets have evolved differently during the pandemic year. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo slowed down, while demand increased for several smaller offices and internationally. We have been successful in competitions in Norway and Germany. London has grown strongly in 2020 and in Germany we have hired new colleagues.


Several of our projects were awarded prestigious prizes during the year, including RIBA Housing Design Awards, Design S, Sweden Green Building Awards, The Building of the Year and The World’s Best BIM project 2021. Many of our projects are large and complex, involving many parties. We thank our customers for the trust they repeatedly place in us.


We are repeatedly rewarded for our ability to combine design and sustainability. The transformation of society is leading to an increased demand for sustainable architecture, design and urban development that will boost our international expansion. Our innovation at the intersection of design, construction technology, sustainability and digitalisation is driving development in the industry. In 2020, we have introduced two new innovations, one of which, ReCapture, a service for reusing building materials, is already benefiting concrete projects.


In 2021, we look forward to continuing to create buildings and places that contribute to people’s quality of life, together with employees, clients, partners, academia and other community stakeholders. Through the art of architecture, we enable sustainable life!


//Alexandra Hagen


Click here to access our Annual and Sustainability Report 2020.

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