New Service for Real Estate Developers Facilitates Reuse in Buildings

A starting point in all new building projects should be, can we reuse and adapt an existing building? Those questions are now much easier to find the answers to, thanks to our new service White ReCapture. The inventory of materials and building parts has been digitised and transparent through 3D scanning and specialist knowledge, which facilitates and maximises reuse.

Reusing materials and building parts are important parts of the solution to the challenges posed by slower economic growth and climate change. Until now, analysing and cataloguing the reuse potential in a building have been a very time consuming, analogue process. But not anymore.

White ReCapture is a newly launched service that creates a digital copy of a building which is analysed by reuse experts who identify which materials and building parts that can be reused. The information is then fed into the digital model. 

By combining digitalisation with the skills of our environmental specialists, building conservation officers and architects, we can assure an efficient and qualitative service. This combination makes the service unique. 

By integrating reuse into the design process, we are enabling our clients to perform reuse on a larger scale. This will help them to attain their own climate goals, as well as the national and global ones.
Niklas Eriksson, Head of White ReCapture

Using a digital model ensures all parties have access to relevant information throughout the project’s lifecycle.


As well as facilitating an optimised process for reuse through White ReCapture, White Arkitekter also provides services to support real estate developers maintaining digital copies of their building stock. Having a functional and up to date digital model of a property means that money and time can be saved in future rebuilding projects as the as-built documentation is already in place.

White ReCapture was created to meet the great need for solutions that allow reuse on a much larger scale than what was previously possible.
Niklas Eriksson

We have already initiated this in projects and have ongoing dialogues with several real estate developers who see the potential and benefits of White ReCapture. The service is suited for retrofit projects, but can also be used to digitise properties for future rebuilding projects or to map reusable materials to be sold from buildings that will be demolished.

For more information, please contact Niklas Eriksson.

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