The construction and real estate sector is facing major challenges – we are living in the midst of climate change and an ongoing energy crisis. We need to adapt building design and construction to meet climate targets and to contribute to sustainable development. Sustainable energy use is an important part of this. With building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) we can create self-sufficient buildings that have a lower climate impact and provide more energy than they take.

Energy by Design

BIPVs can also contribute to a unique and aesthetically pleasing design, higher property value and lower operating costs. With our broad expertise in architecture and energy and our unique experience in working with photovoltaics, we can lead the process of creating attractive and sustainable buildings.

Create buildings that give more than they take

Values for you

Integrating photovoltaics into the facades and roofs of buildings is an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to secure a building’s energy supply. In addition to a stable energy supply, building-integrated photovoltaics provide numerous other benefits that help you achieve sustainability goals and increase the value of your property:

  • A building that strengthens your brand and that of your property
  • A building that sells or rents quickly and at a high value thanks to a unique and aesthetically pleasing design and energy self-sufficiency
  • A building that has low running and maintenance costs
  • Integrated solar cells are the only building material that provides a long-term return on investment
  • A building that helps you meet your own sustainability goals, such as BREEAM or LEED targets, zero-energy ambitions or climate-positive buildings
  • A project that can attract financing on favourable terms, e.g. green financing through the new EU taxonomy
  • Low energy cost and reduced risk in case of volatile energy prices
  • Replacing building materials with high quality architectural solutions that contribute to reducing carbon emissions

Our offer

Integrate photovoltaics into your project – for new buildings or renovation of heritage buildings:

  • Early stage feasibility study: We review the needs and prerequisites for integrating photovolatics into your project.
  • Design program: We develop a design program for integrated photovoltaics with proposals for location, quantity and typ of photovoltaics. In this step, you get a clear picture of how much energy the photovoltaics can generate, as well as a cost estimate and payback calculation. The design programme can also be used as a basis for a zoning plan, building permit and/or licence.
  • Process management: we manage the entire project and process to ensure aesthetics, architectural quality and optimal energy generation.

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