White Arkitekter is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural practices. We work in an international context with the mission to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture. Our vision is that by 2030 all our architecture will be regenerative and climate neutral through design excellence.

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White Arkitekter was founded 73 years ago.

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61% lower CO2e emissions than in 2018.

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We are present in 13 countries.


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White Arkitekter is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural practices. We offer a wide range of services within White and in all our areas of expertise. Here are some examples of the areas we operate in when creating sustainable architecture, design and urban development for an international context.

  • Enabling Sustainable Life through the Art of Architecture

    We work with sustainable architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design for current and future generations.

    Our mission is to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture. Our vision is that by 2030 all our architecture will be climate neutral, through design excellence.

  • Design & Data – the Key for a Sustainable Society

    We are driving the transition towards sustainable built environments and lives through digitalisation, design and data. Our digitalisation services help community builders to achieve sustainability in projects and overall business.

  • Sustainable Environments that promote Wellbeing

    We think in terms of the present for future needs, and when we build with consideration for what came before and what will come after. To collaborate in creating an environment for human well-being within the resources we have.

  • Helping Cities develop Eco-friendly

    We have dedicated decades to a landscape architecture which makes big cities people-friendly, small cities attractive, forgotten places worth discovering again and nature reserves accessible. Our ambition is to give people green living spaces in densified areas, to inspire movement and well-being, to convey a sense of harmony and to help cities develop in an eco-friendly way.

  • A Sustainable Life by the Power of Light

    We know that light has a transcendent ability to create pleasant, functional and sustainable living environments that touches lives. We keep sight of the human aspect in everything we do and our interdisciplinary approach ensures that projects achieve their full potential.

  • Delivering Quality from Concept to Completion

    Qualified project management and holistic thinking are required to get the best out of your project. From concept to completion. When White takes that role, you can be sure of two things. When White takes on this role, you can be sure of two things. We have a clear focus on your business, and the conditions for sustainable architecture are improved.

  • Together – for a Sustainable Life

    White has a long and proud history of driving sustainability issues in the projects we participate in and we offer a wide range of services. Our strength lies in our holistic view of the planning and building process and we help our clients achieve successful projects in everything from urban planning and architecture to interior design and furniture.

  • Democratic Environments which hold Differences and Diversity

    As we grow in numbers, we need the city. Democratic urban design creates inclusive environments and diversity. Interaction between people, the exchange of goods and services, creativity and opportunities. As urbanisation and climate challenges increase, cities must evolve to accommodate large numbers of people while creating a city where everyone can come together.

Architecture for a Sustainable Life • Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

2023 was affected by major global unrest and a weaker market for the construction and property sectors. Despite this, the pace of the sustainable transition is accelerating, not least due to increased pressure from the EU. This transition is crucial for people and the environment, but also necessary for companies to remain relevant and competitive.

White’s mission, to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture, is more relevant than ever.

Read our Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

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Our co-workers are our greatest asset. We are always looking for creative, innovative and curious people. People who want to make a difference through the creation of sustainable architecture. Do you want to work with us?

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