Overcome complex design and sustainability challenges with algorithms and data integrated into more effective design processes.

Computational design creates new opportunities for design and innovation. We develop design systems with design processes and tools that help community builders solve complex design problems, faster and at less risk to the projects.

We have over 10 years of experience in computational design from a wide range of projects. Our participation in research projects in areas such as additive manufacturing and digital twins adds increased business value to our assignments.

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Jonas Runberger

Jonas Runberger

Head of Dsearch, Digital Matter, Group manager


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Our Services

  • Concept Design

    Develop more informed and innovative design concepts faster. Here, considerations such as design principles, movement patterns, lines of sight and daylight conditions can be analysed at the same time as the basic principles of the assignment are being formed.

    We offer:

    • Informed design concepts
    • More efficient modelling
    • Tailored solutions
  • Design Development

    Enable complex design, sustainability and cost-effectiveness at a new level – and at lower risk. With our design development service, we are changing the design process. We automate parts of the process and generate more design options faster – informed from more dimensions. We also shorten the time for design decisions with collaborative decision-making processes.

    We offer:

    • Design coordination
    • Many design variants
    • Tailored solutions
    • Informed design
  • Design for Manufacturing

    Realise more complex design and reduce costs and waste of resources. We make it possible to address production conditions early in the process and to rationalise and automate manufacturing and assembly.

    We offer:

    • Physical prototype production
    • Manufacture preparation
    • Assembly preparation
    • Production documentation

Research and Business Benefits in a Cohesive Cycle

Our participation in research projects in areas such as additive manufacturing and digital twins adds increased business value to our assignments. At the same time, we contribute to meeting the most current societal challenges.

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Kärven in Varberg

When Varberg Municipality announced a competition for a new observation tower on Getterön, we delivered a cost-effective and rational design with a clear expression – a winning proposal that gives Varberg a new landmark and brings people closer to nature. With the help of the developed design system, the design could be structurally verified, communicated via digital and physical models and form the basis for automated production base production.

Services in the project: Concept design, design development
and design for manufacturing

Umeå Bridges

As part of the development of Norra Ön in the Ume River, we were commissioned to create a complete design program for four new bridges; three pedestrian and bicycle bridges and a car bridge. The design system created as part of the design work made it possible to efficiently manage all bridges in the same system and coordinate the mission’s many different parameters, such as terrain, sight lines, accessibility to the bridges and free heights under the bridges.

Service in the project: Concept design


At Årstafältet, the team’s landscape architects wanted to investigate whether land masses from surrounding housing projects could be used for lifelike ridges in the field as a planning prerequisite for future decisions. With the help of the development of a design system, the topography could be shaped with feedback on quantities in real time, which lowered the risk in the project and can provide large environmental and economic savings.

Service in the project: Design development

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