Digital twins for cities can soon become a reality

Vinnova is funding the Digital Twin Cities competence centre at Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering in its initiative on digitisation for architecture and urban design. And we are one of 28 Swedish and international partners in the consortium that is based in the Chalmers-based centre.

Digital Twin Cities brings together a number of competences and actors to jointly address the city’s future challenges in sustainability and design. The concept is based on interdisciplinary research in architecture, engineering, data management and integration, mathematical modelling, simulation, visualisation and optimisation, among others.


– The term here will be a collective name for digital models and systems that make it possible to model and simulate the city in real time, says Jonas Runberger,  Research Area Leads within the project at Chalmers and Head of Dsearch at White Arkitekter.

This is an incredibly exciting venture that will strengthen the link between architecture, construction and urban design with the common ground of digital twins.
Jonas Runberger

A special focus is on the transfer of knowledge to industry and public actors, with the aim of strengthening Sweden’s role in the digitalisation and development of the urban construction sector. White contributes with special expertise in GIS, computational design and construction, thus linking its practice-oriented research in the field of digital design even closer to academia.

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