Digital Sustainability

We guide building developers and design teams to develop climate neutral and well-performing designs by providing the right input at each phase. We develop analyses, calculations and digital tools integrated in the workflow of architects that helps them to effectively create and evaluate different design solutions. We work with aspects related to human well-being and the environment.

Digitalization and sustainability are cornerstones of the paradigm shift that our societies are immersed in. These two driving forces alone are reconstructing the building industry from the ground up.
Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez, Digital Sustainable Design specialist

Schematic design analysis

We inform early stage design decisions to optimize the performance of design sketches by evaluating straightforward and basic indicators in a design integrated workflow. We perform the analysis ourselves or provide a simple toolkit (WHEAT) that can be used directly by architects supported by us.


BIM-integrated analysis

We support architects during design development phases by providing real-time agile feedback directly integrated in their BIM models.

Proof of compliance

We perform high-quality analysis that can be used to prove compliance with specific regulations, certification systems or standards.

Advanced simulations

We develop specific advanced analysis adapted to especial requirements or project-specific conditions.

White's digitalisation services

Digitalisation and sustainability are cornerstones of the paradigm shift that our societies are immersed in. This shift is transforming the construction and property industry from the bottom up. Our digitalisation services help organisations that create and maintain built environments, realise sustainable results in projects and overall business through digitalisation, design and data.

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Viktor Sjöberg

Viktor Sjöberg

Deputy Group manager / Methodology specialist

Environmental specialist


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