The Value of Urban Greenery

The Value of Urban Greenery

As our cities are growing denser, the need for urban greenery is more present than ever. We have to integrate more functions in our cities but we also need to have climate change on top of our minds. Therefore, we must find new solutions for the built environment. Optimize all areas, so that they can provide space for both recovery and active recreation, as well as increased biodiversity in our cities.

Facade greenery, cultivable balconies, terraces and roof landscapes for restorative environments are all parts that increase the value for all of us as well as for the property.

Each property is unique and requires a holistic approach where we landscape architects can help you make the right decision. The roof is often an unused resource which, in combination with other efforts, is a way of utilizing the property’s surface more efficiently. We see today that there is a movement from two directions. On the one hand, cities and states place higher demands on properties to contribute with greenery and ecosystem services. On the one hand, demand from both private individuals and companies in the wake of the pandemic has increased for well-functioning green outdoor environments that provide added value.


Inspirational project: Green Transformation

By integrating green solutions into existing buildings, we can give them new value, strengthen their attractiveness and contribute to a sustainable city. It is a new and exciting approach that is relatively unexplored, therefore we have created an idea project that shows what opportunities with already built environment.


In the inspiration video above, you see Areim Fastigheter’s “Ångtvätten” in Stockholm, where we show how you can transform an existing property into a green oasis by adding greenery and optimizing the surfaces on the property’s roof.


Look up! Let the greenery flourish on the city’s roofs

Spring is coming for the greenery on the city’s walls and roofs. We have created a leafy roof garden in the heart of Malmö’s vibrant city life and there are many unused spaces in the city that should be used.
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Climate benefits and community when the rooftops go green

Green roofs are beautiful, soothing – and beneficial! They reduce the burden on the surface water system, save energy and benefit the microclimate. On Smörslottsgatan in Gothenburg, a unique roof terrace links the green forest beyond with everyday life. Read more about green roofs »


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Knowledge is the Key to solutions that work

Research and development is one of the cornerstones of White. Jenny Nordius Stålhamre has participated in several projects on urban greenery and is just finishing a report on a new system for façade greening. Read more about her results here ».


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