Wood is close to our hearts. It's our only large scale renewable and carbon-neutral building material. What's more, wood is health-promoting and contributes to a healthy environment in which to live or work.

A sustainable alternative that creates unique opportunities.

We have an ambitious goal – by 2030, all our architecture will be climate positive. To achieve this, we must always use the most sustainable building material available, and in most cases that is wood. As well as being sustainable, wood also provides unique opportunities to create great architecture that stands the test of time.

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Anders Tväråna

Anders Tväråna

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Daniel Asp

Daniel Asp

Head of Development Wood, Architect


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When you add up all the benefits of wood, it emerges as by far the most sustainable building material – if the wood comes from sustainable forestry.

Wood combines solidity with light weight and is a material that creates unique opportunities. Not only is wood renewable, but it also uses less energy to produce and transport than other building materials. In comparison, wood also saves energy when used in buildings. When you add up all the benefits of wood, it emerges as by far the most sustainable building material provided the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry.


Wood – for a green and sustainable transition

Sustainable construction is a hot topic. Based on Agenda 2030 and the Swedish government’s “Policy for a Designed Living Environment”, we are working with our clients to develop carbon neutrality in our projects.

Sustainable forestry – one of the most important architectural issues of our time

The forest industry is one of Sweden’s most important industries and a cornerstone of the Swedish economy. But is large-scale timber construction sustainable, and how is the increased demand affecting our forests?

Great added value with wood as a material choice

Wood as a building material has been booming in recent years. Partly for climate reasons, partly for aesthetic reasons, but also because wood has been shown to have positive effects on our health.