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Our curiosity makes us continuously evaluate and challenge our world. Since the creation of White Arkitekter in 1951, we have challenged the status quo through our in-house research and development to create sustainable architecture — and a better society for all.


Research and development has been an important part of the culture at White since it was established in 1951. This is the number of R&D projects currently under way.


All coworkers can apply for R&D funding to explore current issues and develop new skills. With the programme’s overall theme of Informed Design, we focus on the areas of Circular Architecture and Healthy Living Environments.


We are curious and always look ahead to understand what's coming. The exploratory culture is reflected in the way we manage our finances — 10% of our annual turnover is earmarked for research and development.

Explorative culture since 1951

Research and development has been a fundamental part of our working culture since the practice was established in 1951. Knowledge and curiosity remain as our fundamental business assets. Our explorative culture is reflected in our investment; ten percent of our annual turnover is dedicated to R&D. Our employee ownership structure allows us to support R&D activities on a broad basis, from bottom-up initiatives in our assignments, to practice-based research in collaboration with academia.

Read our Research Programme

Our Research Programme for 2020-2023 has an overall theme of Informed Design and a focus on the areas of Circular Architecture and Healthy Living Environments. During the programme period White Research Lab will stimulate R&D that pushes boundaries for what’s possible, that makes a difference for both people and the planet, and that shows how architecture, design and urban planning can contribute to the Global Goals. Click here to read the programme.

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Anna-Johanna Klasander

Anna-Johanna Klasander


Research & development director


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