Design by White Arkitekter as Mizetto Launches Innovative Furniture Range at NeoCon

This summer, furniture manufacturer Mizetto will present a range of new products in its first North American showroom at NeoCon in Chicago. Behind the design of one of the products – the innovative Parker bench – is Andreas Sture, designer at White Arkitekter in Gothenburg.

Since its inception in 2004, the Småland-based family business Mizetto has become an increasingly important player in the European design arena. This summer, the company will cross the Atlantic to open its first North American showroom at NeoCon in Chicago. It will showcase a range of new products, all of which challenge the conventional boundaries between indoors and outdoors, work and leisure, and home and office.

The collection includes the Parker bench, a bold and thoughtful design by Andreas Sture, a designer at White Arkitekter’s Gothenburg office.

The idea with Parker was to give the furniture range a clear identity and graphic simplicity in the spirit of Mizetto, where circularity is a prominent aspect.
Andreas Sture, designer at White Arkitekter

Parker is the first furniture series in Mizetto’s range designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The bench’s seats are surrounded by a metal band that gives the illusion of floating. It is no coincidence that bamboo was chosen as the material for the boards. With its low carbon footprint and resistance to mould and rot, Parker is designed to withstand the rigours of nature and the test of time.

The circular aspect is woven into Parker’s DNA; the design allows individual boards to be replaced or repaired rather than having to replace the whole product.

We wanted to create a strong range of furniture with the potential to last. Easy refurbishment, together with a strong overall appeal, are the most important circular properties we can give a product.
Andreas Sture, designer

As one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural practices, White Arkitekter works in an international context with a mission to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture. By 2030, White Arkitekter’s projects should be climate-neutral and regenerative through design excellence. Values that, according to Andreas Sture, can – and should – coexist.

“Together with our clients, we develop products that make people’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and more beautiful – with a clearly integrated circular perspective. This ensures that our design solutions are sustainable in the long term and contribute to a more circular economy,” says Andreas Sture.

Images: Jonas Lindström

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