Multi-arena or outdoor gym. We work with arenas in the broadest sense of the word, with a distinct focus on sports and activities. From smaller spontaneous sports grounds to larger arenas where thousands of people can experience events all year round. Regardless of size, the building and site are a significant part of the experience. We create spaces that enhance the experience of being together and increase physical activities. Spaces that makes us feel good.

Democratic spaces as an accelerator for urban development

We see collaboration as the key to success and include users’ perspectives and expertise in our projects. Sports venues and spaces for spontaneous physical activity are not only places for competition and exercise, they also serve as community spaces that promote healthy and active lifestyles. We are dedicated to the creation of sustainable facilities for everyone – no matter what age they are, what physical ability they have or what time of day they want to be there. This way we create spaces where people feel comfortable, safe and happily returns to.

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Niklas Singstedt

Niklas Singstedt

Architect, Quality specialist


+46 8 402 26 08

Louise Didriksson

Louise Didriksson

Landscape architect, Development manager


+46 31 60 87 24


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