Contemplative bathing experience in Jönköping’s new cold bathhouse

A unanimous jury has selected White’s proposal as the winner in the architectural competition for Jönköping’s new cold bathhouse. Designed according to the different conditions of the cardinal directions, it offers a contemplative bathing experience all year round.

The proposal also includes new meeting places in nature surrounding the cold bathhouse, letting visitors enjoy the unique and grand setting.

Josef Wiberg is the lead architect at White and he is proud and happy about the win:

– It is rare to get the opportunity to participate in a competition like this. So when you find out that all the creativity and energy that has gone into the proposal has paid off and what you’ve created will be realised, it’s a fantastic feeling.

The unanimous jury stated:

“The proposal has a good and clear holistic approach with a beautiful and appropriate solution. The analysis of the site and the architecture of the building is interconnected throughout. The proposal has a considerate and poetic way of working with light / shadow, materials, lines of sight and views, different spatial experiences and facade expression.”

An important factor in the competition was to ensure that all residents of Jönköping can enjoy the cold bathhouse.

– By creating seating along one side of the bridge, wind-protected viewpoints, spaces for barbecues and play in the immediate surroundings of the cold bathhouse, our hope is that everyone – whether taking a dip in the cold water or not – can enjoy the building itself, the water and the surroundings, says Josef Wiberg.

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