St. Erik’s Eye Hospital opens – centre for highly specialised care, research and education

St. Erik’s Eye Hospital have received its first patients. The new, modern eye care facilities are part of the emerging hub for life science in Hagastaden.

The relocation of the hospital makes it possible to develop a new eye care centre that offers eye care of the highest class and conducts international research at the forefront – an Eye Center of Excellence. On behalf of Vitartes, we have designed the new eye hospital which is located next to Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet. St. Erik’s Eye Hospital occupies most of the house whose premises have plenty of health-promoting daylight and a flexible design that meets future needs for new technology and care. The architecture is based on innovation and sustainability.

Being able to orient yourself in a clear building with short walking distance is of great importance for eye patients. Therefore, we have created a clear entrance with open reception and elevators next door, while great focus has been placed on colour scheme, light and sound.
Hans Forsmark, Lead Architect at White

The ambition is that the new St. Erik’s Eye Hospital will become the engine of an eye specialist centre where industry, academia and caregivers together create the opportunities for the best eye care. At the same time, it should be a place for innovative research at the forefront.

Here we will treat rare diseases in the eye area, but we will also attract international excellence in both health care and research. The new environment will make it attractive to work here.
Anders Boman, CEO of S:t Erik's Eye Hospital

With 12 operating theatres, the operations plan to handle approximately 12,000 operations per year. The location of the operating department provides quick and easy connection to the ward and sterile room. This increases the comfort and safety, as well as the feeling of calm in patients, while improving the working environment of the staff.


– We are very proud and happy to work in a top modern, specially adapted operations department. It is really built for us, Michael Gårdebäck, Operations Manager at St. Erik’s Eye Hospital, clinic for anesthesia and surgery.


Photographer: Anders Bobert

The new St. Erik Eye Hospital opens on 27 September at Eugeniavägen 12 in Kv. Patienten. St. Erik’s Eye Hospital has 14,700 sqm in the property. The building will meet the criteria for Environmental Building Gold. Kv. the patient, with adjacent Kv. Princeton, where administrative premises for Region Stockholm and a new head office for Raysearch Laboratories are housed, together constitute Scandinavian Life Science, which covers approximately 50,000 sqm right next to New Karolinska Solna. Read more about the project.

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