S:t Erik Eye Hospital

S:t Erik Eye Hospital

A new eye care centre is taking shape at Stockholm’s St. Erik Eye Hospital. The new centre aims to provide a holistic perspective, innovation and competence, adding to the hospitals’ full range of eye care, high-quality research and educational programmes delivered in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet.

Eye Center of Excellence

St. Erik Eye Hospital will move into a new facility that is attractive, safe and of high architectural value, characterised by forward-thinking and innovation. By bringing together and collaborating with other actors in the field of eye care, St. Erik Eye Hospital aims to provide both better patient care and more effective care.

Client: Vitartes AB
Size: 30,000 sqm
Project start/end: 2015-2020
Visuals: White View & Anders Bobert

The new premises focus on effective workflows that will benefit the patient as well as provide well-functioning transportation and accessibility.

Innovative environments
The new premises focus on effective workflows that will benefit the patient as well as provide well-functioning transportation and accessibility. Bathed in daylight, the spaces create a positive outlook and a health-promoting atmosphere. St. Erik Eye Hospital has been designed to be flexible to meet future implementation of new technology and care. Simultaneously, the innovative environment will contribute to new business.

An urban hospital
Located in the new district of Hagastaden, Karolinska University Hospital Solna is St. Eriks Eye Hospital’s nearest neighbour. Hagastaden is a dense and urban district, characterised by buildings in metal and glass. The new eye centre has a restrained design with public lower levels that incorporate large glass surfaces for maximum transparency as well as forming a clear base. The upper level is dominated by glass and metal in a clear vertical direction. Minor variations in the facade accentuate the building’s different facets.

Creating efficient connections
A defined main entrance has been placed at the centre of the building, forming the hub of the space and providing a clear picture of the building’s structure. In the main space, an open reception welcomes visitors. The different surgeries, averaging 900 visits per day, have been spread over four floors. Examination rooms and treatment rooms are general, which ensures that they can be equipped for specific purposes. Twelve operating rooms have been located to ensure efficient connections to the care ward and the sterilisation centre.

Colours create calm conditions
Public spaces are charatcterised by timeless natural materials that exude quality, such as white-pigmented oak and terrazzo, durable materials that age well. In healthcare environments, colours are used to create a harmonious and safe atmosphere; neutral tones characterise the corridors while the waiting rooms are highlighted in stronger colours to facilitate orientation.

Contact & Team

Hans Forsmark

Hans Forsmark


Karin Leckström

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