Green light for Ankerhagen

With the proposal “Ankerhagen – with a heart for nature” we together with Scandinavian Property Group (SPG) intend to develop Hamar’s most innovative, green and sustainable wooden housing project with about 240 homes and common areas. Only one year after the start of the detailed planning process, the plan is now approved by the municipal council in Hamar municipality, Norway.

In May 2022, SPG bought the land from Hamar municipality and in the same year we were commissioned to develop Ankerhagen. Our proposal consists of a diverse housing environment with different types and sizes, ranging from student accommodations to care homes, senior concepts, and townhouses. The common areas such a party venue, exercise facilities and a bicycle workshop, combined with sharing economy, gives the neighbours opportunities to meet and to get to know each other, which contributes to an increased sense of belonging and, in the longer term, better public health among the residents.

The community between neighbours plays a central role in Ankerhagen. By developing an area for people of all ages and different life situations, we create conditions for a housing career within the area, which contributes to care for both neighbours and the surroundings.
Anna Nilsson, lead architect, White Arkitekter

In addition to social sustainability, Ankerhagen is also characterised by an ecological sustainability perspective. The residential area is located in the centre of Hamar, making it possible to walk or cycle rather than drive. At the same time, the area is characterised by the adjacent Ankerskogen forest. The natural area is utilised and further strengthened through lush courtyards, a central green area between the buildings and green paths for walking and cycling that connect the residential area with its surroundings.

As the site has a height difference of 14 metres, it has been important to prevent all stormwater from gathering at the lowest point. Also from this perspective, the green areas in the neighbourhood play an important role.

With a mixture of vegetation, natural infiltration, water mirrors and a rainwater harvesting, stormwater is managed as a resource in the area rather than a problem.
Mads Engh Juel, lead landscape architect, White Arkitekter

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