The aim of innovation at White is to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture.

Innovation Lab is our organisation for exploring new ideas with the aim of taking them to the market. Here we turn creativity into new value propositions – for a sustainable future.

Innovation is about challenging who we are and what we do – both ourselves and the industry. Together with White Research Lab, our practice based research and development organisation, Innovation Lab supports solutions that drive us forward.

We work curiously and promising ideas are continually selected from our organisation and our business partners. As a result, we have a portfolio of ongoing strategic innovation projects of which White ReCapture and Square Meter are two examples.

We see co-innovation with clients and strategic partners as one of the keys to increased competitiveness and real change. With our innovations, we want to push the boundaries of what is possible and make a difference for the environment and people in line with the global goals.

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We run innovation projects together with clients and strategic partners – large and small. If you’re a start-up or scale-up and want to work with us in shaping or scaling your solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We are currently looking for business ideas in the following areas:

●  Informed Design
●  Circular Architecture
●  Healthy Living Environments

Want to innovate with us? Get in touch! 

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Through design, creativity and a humanistic approach, we look to solve great challenges.

Our innovation process

Innovation is not just about being creative and coming up with ideas. Ideas are easy. Taking new business ideas to the market and making them bring revenue and being sustainable over time is hard.

With our iterative innovation process at White, our innovation teams shape and re-shape their idea with an agile mindset until they find a value proposition that customers care about and a sustainable business model. The process enables exploration and testing of potential solutions with clients. Innovation Coaches are on hand throughout for guidance and support, and our Innovation Committee evaluates and allocates funding incrementally.

Exploration drive us forward. We try not to fall in love with our ideas. Instead, we make sure to prove our assumptions while constantly being connected to the customer not losing sight of “the why” behind the work. Together, we drive the transformation towards sustainable living.

We hope you will join us on our journey.

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