Market-leading expertise and solutions which help you to streamline, increase business value and realise your sustainability goals.

Our specialists digitalise and coordinate construction projects and processes. Few companies have as much experience in this field as we do.

We create business value and reduce the waste of resources through smarter information management, enhanced collaboration and the use of data throughout the entire life cycle.

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Alison Petty

Alison Petty

Head of BIM, Digital Matter, Group manager


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Our Services

  • BIM Strategy for Projects

    Achieve more efficient projects and greater sustainability with better information management and digital working methods

    We offer:

    • A feasibility study which sets you in the right direction
    • More efficient design process
    • Minimise risks before construction
    • Faster construction
    • Smoother handover to owner
  • BIM Coordination

    Achieve the desired project results and avoid costly redesigns and waste of resources through more efficient cooperation and coordination. Our long experience and background in BIM for design and sustainability mean that we have a good understanding of the challenges of complex problems.

    We offer:

    • Sustainable and flexible implementation plan
    • Digital process management
    • Visual collaboration
    • Clash detection
    • Model-based climate declaration
  • Digital Facilities Management

    Begin to realize the potential of digital twins by digitising buildings and places. Take the first step through digital management of models. Combine with our services and solutions for more efficient use of buildings and premises and facilitate reuse at scale.

    We offer:

    • Reality capture
    • Digital twin creation
    • Living as-builts and digital twins
    • Simulation and analysis
  • Reality Capture Solutions

    Save time and avoid costly mistakes and rework by ensuring correct project information. Reality capture – digital scanning of buildings and environments – can be used in solutions to achieve strategic goals such as increased reuse. Contact us for more information.

    We offer:

6 ways BIM coordination saves time

Discover how BIM coordination saves time and money in your projects. Download the free report here.

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Client Cases in Focus

Sara Cultural Centre

Our BIM strategy and an efficient digital workflow enabled a climate-positive building – the world’s third-tallest wooden building. Communication was integrated with real-time models, with an easily accessible platform solution which enabled a higher degree of collaboration. We ensured quality information and design solutions, saved time needed for communication and reduced the risk of costly rework during production.

Services in the project: BIM Strategy, BIM Coordination



In the office and lab building Celsius, we created a complete BIM model with information for the entire building’s life cycle – from design to management. Because the BIM model was the only source of information for design, procurement and production, an accurate and future-ready digital twin was created that enabled a smooth handover to management. Awarded Best BIM Project in the World at the Building Smart Award 2020.

Services in the project: BIM Strategy, Digital Facilities Management

Uppsala University Hospital, J-Huset

With J-Huset, BIM coordination allowed us to create solutions that made quality assurance, traceability and location of building elements easier. This resulted in time saved from the early stages to production, as well as accurate information for decision-making. Our collision controls minimised the number of errors in the design, which was of paramount importance given the limited spatial and financial scope.

Service in the project: BIM Coordination


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