The Leadership Centre

The Leadership Centre

Wanting to expand its operations, Nairobi-based College of Insurance has decided to extend its campus to include a ‘Leadership Centre’, a building combining the functions of a college and a conference facility. The new centre has the ambition to become an inclusive meeting place.

Highest levels of sustainability

Collaborating with Kenyan architectural firm MMI, the competition-winning proposal for the new centre delivers a futuristic facility that aims to achieve the highest levels of sustainability in Central-East Africa.

Client: College of Insurance
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Status: Completion expected 2018
Visuals: White View

Inspired by the college’s unique location on the border of the city and Nairobi National Park, right where the urban becomes the wilderness, the Leadership Centre’s design creates a visual link between the two worlds.

An inclusive meeting place

The college devised a new academically driven conference centre for which a flexible interior programme was developed to support the college’s business model to double up classrooms as rentable conference space. The new centre also provides guest accomodation, restaurants and recreational facilities with an ambition to become an inclusive meeting place for both visitors, college delegates, students and academic staff.

Ecosystems are the norm

Aiming to achieve LEED Gold certification, ecosystem services are the norm throughout the project. Landscaping helps decrease the impact of heavy rains via permeable materials and an onsite eco-park with a retention pond. Black and greywater is treated and recycled on site. Natural ventilation is the overall principle; cross-flow ventilation using permanent winds provides a cooling effect. Mechanical ventilation is only used where increased airflows are needed.

The Leadership Centre also has a large roof area covered with solar panels producing electricity and thermal collectors for hot water production.

Making use of local techniques and materials ensures relevance – and provides the opportunity to produce various building components onsite, reducing transportation costs and creating jobs.

The Leadership Centre takes shape

Everyone together

Unique for the project is the inclusive work process. Every stakeholder’s voice has carried equal weight, resulting in multidisciplinary collaboration that blurs the boundaries between architecture, interior design, landscape and sustainability.

Through the Leadership Centre the college expands its footprint beyond education, creating a new silhouette against the Nairobi sky and an eco-icon for Central-East Africa.

Contact & Team

Andreas Ohlsson

Erik Järinge

Agne Revellé

Elisabeth Olausson

Daniel Hultman

Annie Leonsson

Christian Wahlström

Tobias Hesselgren

Evelina Johansson

Andreas Milsta

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