For us, it all begins with whom: that is our point of departure when we design and when we illuminate meetings, conversations or moments, when we create interiors that open up, arouse, energise and make people want to return to them – today and tomorrow.

To us, sustainability is all about creating environments that promote wellbeing within available resources. That’s what we mean when we talk about thinking in the present for future needs, and when we build with consideration for what came before and what will come after.

That is our motivation when we create as never before, from the heart and soul. Because we believe in constantly moving forward – once done, we never repeat ourselves. Because every customer has their own interior and every who stands out.

We believe in long-term relationships and an effective process in which our client’s brand and specific challenges provide us with the preconditions and direction for achieving an excellent result. Together, we create sustainable and striking environments.

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Mia Erlandsson

Mia Erlandsson

Interior architect, Development manager


+46 40 660 93 39

Services within Interior design

  • Interior Architecture

    What happens when we are surrounded by plants and vegetation, when we are can think in peace and quiet, when we feel secure, when the air is clean and the coffee tastes good? For us, interior design is all about creating environments that are part of a greater whole. We know that good interior architecture reflects your brand, supports your organisation and inspires on a daily basis. We achieve this by maintaining a close dialogue with our users and clients; their vision forms the basis for innovative and sustainable solutions that improve people’s quality of life.

  • Product design

    Design is a broad field that touches everyone’s life. We work from a holistic perspective on design, based on architecture and people’s needs for functional products in an environment that works well for them. Our design team functions as an incubator where ideas are nurtured and develop into innovative, sustainable solutions. Together with our clients, we employ efficient, measurable methods to develop products that make people’s lives easier, more enjoyable and more beautiful.

  • Branding

    By working strategically with our clients’ brands and values in the environments we shape, we ensure that we have a solid foundation on which to work creatively. We understand the importance of being straight and true, of knowing who our client is and where they are heading. Our working day consists of developing brand-reinforcing products, stronger environmental concepts and interiors that better reflect our client’s brand. These days, many of our clients’ employees are values-steered, making it increasingly important that we understand those values. It also demands that we are the market-leader in placing them within a concept or environment that makes them proud.


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